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Here you will find all our bubble shooter games that we have on our website. We have the largest collection of games available. All our bubble shooter games are free to play on our website.

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We add new games to our collection weekly. Only the best and selected Bubble Shooter Games are selected. We have the greatest games like bubble shooter with the original and familar gameplay. This original version will keep you busy for hours.

If you are looking for something more modern we can recommend you Bubble Woods. This wood themed bubble shooter features multiple levels with goals to reafch in order to continue. This gives a new twist to the original version with one level.

An other game that never let's you down is Bubble shooter exreme. This fast paced bubble shooter does have multiple powerups to use, like bombs and other special bubbles.

We also have the game Bubble shooter saga 2. This is the full version of the popular saga game. With more then 100 levels. Did you know that your progress is saved? So you can come back later to continue your favorite game!

It's bubble popping time!

Did you know that people who pop bubbles, whether floating soap bubbles, bubble wrap or silicone bubble fidget bags, receive a rush of chemicals to their brains that make them feel intense satisfaction, less emotionally and physically stressed out and overall happier? Bubble Shooter games offer some of the same benefits!

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Bubble Shooter games offer players the opportunity to spend as much time as they like popping bubbles and other objects in a wide variety of basic and complex scenarios in themed environments. This type of game gained popularity after Japanese game designer Fukio Mitsuji recognized that people who pop bubbles experience "fun" and a "thrilling sensation." He and video game publisher Taito Corporation released the 1986 Bubble Bobble bubble-popping platformer for arcade gameplay. Every bubble-popping game since shares some of Bubble Bobble's core elements, including match-3, puzzle and story arc games like the famous 1994 Puzzle Bobble ("Bust-A-Move") tile-matching, puzzle game.

Game Play

In most Bubble Shooter games, a player must clear a game field of one or more rows of bubbles hanging from the top of the screen using some sort of shooting equipment located at the bottom of the screen below the field. Typically, the rows of bubbles increase as a timer counts down. The player must pop all of the bubbles as quickly as possible or risk the rows expanding until they cover the field entirely and prevent the shooting equipment from working. In traditional games, the player shoots a bubble of a specific color at bubbles of the same color in the rows to pop them. Many games require that the player shoot three connected bubbles of the same color at a time. Any bubbles connected below the popped ones also pop.

Thousands of Bubble Shooter games exist today with singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Some of these games duplicate or offer the most basic classic forms of gameplay. Other versions provide a player with complex challenges beyond bubble popping that include exploration, problem- and puzzle-solving and competitive or strategic play. For example, the shooting projectile can be anything in modern versions, including bubbles that feature non-color designs and non-bubble animals, bricks, butterflies, candy, eggs, flowers, gemstones and monsters. Sometimes, a game features trapped characters or solid objects inside of bubbles. The player has to pop the bubbles to release or reveal them. A game might also feature a long story arc in which one or more characters must clear levels, similar to platformer and shooter games, to travel across a world, change environments and achieve a mission or goal like go up against a final boss or complete a story.

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Our curated collection of free Bubble Shooter games is one of the largest available online. It features more than 200 titles, including the original Puzzle Bobble (Bust-A-Move), Classic Bubble Shooter, Original Bubble Shooter, Arkadium Bubble Shooter, Bubble Shooter Pro, Bubble Shooter Pretty Island, Bubble Shooter World Cup, Bubble Pet Saga, Bubble Tower 3D, Bubble Woods, Bricks Breaker, Bricks n Balls, Aqua Bubble, Bubble Gems, Bubble Pop Adventures, Candy Bubble, Cat Bubble Shooter, Emoji Bubble, Fuzzies, Ghost Bubbles, Magical Bubble Shooter, Monkey Bubble Shooter, Orange Bubbles, Pop Pop Kitties and Woobies. We love these games so much, that we also seek out and add new ones weekly!

Why choose noisy or messy offline bubble-popping options? The free Bubble Shooter games in our extensive collection provide hours of fun and relaxing satisfaction!