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Bubble WoodsBubble woods is a beautiful themed bubble shooter. Help the beaver to clear the playing field as fast as you can. The twist in bubble woods is that you have 60 seconds to set the top score. So this is a fast pacing game! You can shoot the balls via the wall to get in to tricky spots. Be sure to make big combinations instead of shooting 3 bubbles. If you remove big clusters you get more points!

Once you get the required amount of points for the level you go to the next level. Each level haves it's own challenges. Some become harder, you get more colored balls or other challenges. You also get stars, with these stars you can unlock extra powers, such as more time, special balls and more. Invited to Bubble Shooter website, I was curious what this game was about.

Bubble Woods Gameplay Video

This video will show you the gameplay of Bubble Woods. I'm not one who spends time in online games though I've had my fair share of it when I was way younger. I was curious how online games are today especially as I have heard and read about gaming as a universal enticement for any younger generation and gamification. Bubble Shooter under the Bubble Woods Game is my first impression of a casual online game. And I did have a bit of fun just winging it and figuring things out from how the play proceeds.

So, here's my take on what it's like playing Bubble Shooter online game.

Bubble Woods Overview

The Bubble Shooter online game is a shooting arcade game where you help a squirrel aim a tiny canon up towards rows of different colored bubbles with varied set-in star figure, leaf figure and droplet figure.

The goal is to shoot the right colored bubble from the canon up towards similar colored bubbles hanging in rows from the top as they gradually descend. Hitting the right color bubbles makes them pop and earn you points.

Some popped bubbles make other bubbles drop from the hanging set and they add to your collection of points.

A countdown on the upper left corner of the screen gives you only a minute to pop as many bubbles as you can and keep the rest of the rows of hanging bubbles from reaching the bottom.

That's basically the game.

Perceived Strategy

When you've played a good number of sets of Bubble Shooter, you start to get the feel for the game and intuitively find your own strategy to pop more of those hanging bubbles.

To pop more bubbles, you'll have to strategize where you aim the canon. You'll find that you can't just shoot just any bubble. You'll have to wait for the right colored bubble in your canon to shoot your target color bubbles.

One way you reach hard-to-aim colored bubbles is to bounce your bubble by the pole edge on either side of the game area.

Another way you pop more bubbles is to earn bonuses where you're granted a multi-colored bubble to fire. It turns many of those hanging bubbles into the same color and pattern, making it easy to pop with the next bubble you fire.

One other bonus is the Fire Bubble that shoots down all the bubbles in its linear path like a bullet. This type of bonus cuts down many other hanging bubbles around that cut path that drop down earning you more points.

That's sort of my rough strategy after my first few rounds of play.

What's Fun About Bubble Shooter

The Bubble Shooter from Bubble Woods online game is fun. It can be addicting with the popping bubbles, the arcade music, sounds and points. It's intuitively simple to understand and play. Mostly pretty straight forward.

There is something about popping bubbles that are addicting. There's the actual popping sound that's kind of fun to hear, the animation of bubbles popping, the bubbles dropping and falling like grapes after you hit them. It's all fun. The designers of the game certainly made this a key characteristic of its theme. And it works.

There is an element of skill necessary but not anything remotely difficult. Clearly, it's an intended design to draw new players deeper into playing the game more often. The point system which I don't quite fully understand gives an impression of earning something which fosters the feeling of building something.

Getting to next higher stages after earning a certain number of points is much the same as earning points drawing you in.

Though the background image and theme are for children, I can see adults getting into it in their leisure.

The voices and exclamations corresponding to the score earning and bonus bubbles add to the fun too.

The background music is certainly upbeat and entertaining but not distracting nor boring as it plays its tunes in rhythms that are not repetitive. It's certainly a plus and a great complement to the character of the gameplay.

You do get the sense of just having fun.

What Can Improve The Experience

I have a feeling that the game was designed with an online game player's experience in mind, rather than to entice non-online gamers with game-centric words like Play, Select Boosts and Unlock in Level 8. The words are meant to be something familiar and rightly so since it makes sense for gamers to design games for gamers.

As a non-gamer, it would help me more if I can read some description, definition or whatever written explanations to terms or numbers indicated on the screen so that I can better appreciate what's going on with my earned points.

I've noticed the snippet of instructions that pop out and pause the game when I first gave it a try. That was definitely helpful though it would help more if I can have them pop back out again to help me confirm what I'm learning as I continue playing the game.

Game Background

The Bubble Woods online game Bubble Shooter was first released in July 2018. It's described as a 60-second bubble shooter game with level systems to unlock extra capabilities called Boosts and Fireball Ability. Since its introduction, it's been open for gaming free of charge.

The Bubble Shooter is purely all online without the need for any downloading. It's accessible through any variety of web browsers. It runs on HTML5 available in multiple game sites that offer other free online gaming. From one of these game sites, it's indicated that the game has received 9.0 out of 10 ratings from 30 gamers giving their votes.

The game is classified under the category of Arcade Games.

There is a place in the hearts of many gamers for arcade games like Bubble Shooter much like how early arcade games like Pacman, Mario Brothers and Space Invaders have been favorites in their time. Having these games available online has added to its accessibility and popularity. Already, it seems many a player has taken on this game for its addictive draw.

Fun Game To Pass Time

The Bubble Shooter is definitely a fun game to pass time. It can definitely be addicting.

It's accessible with a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop with a wifi connection. It's a simple game that anybody can just get in and start playing.

And did I mention that it's free?

It doesn't really take too much thinking or figuring out. It's basically a simple arcade game online you can access with your mobile phone wherever you are whether you're by the bus stop, at the airport or in the cab.

It seems to have a social media capability on it enabling anyone to share their gaming results to friends.

You might want to give it a go. Just visit the Bubble Shooter website and clicking on the weblink from the Google search page. You'll see the title page with the head of a squirrel holding a bubble. And below it is a play button. That's it.

So, just head over at Bubble Shooter website for a bit of fun. You'll find time passing way faster than you expect.


Bubble Woods HintsThe game gives you hints on how to play and on how to score more points, very useful if you ask us! Most players shoot 3 bubbles each time, but it is way more efficient to remove big groups of bubbles. You can use boosters to speed up the point scoring progress!


What is you highscore? Post your best score in the comments below!

Bubble Woods Highscore

As you can see is bubble woods a game with nice colorful graphics. The playing field is clear and the game is nice to watch. The game mechanics are good and bubble woods is guaranteed fun.

About the Creator:

Bubble Woods is created by Famobi. Famobi is a large game developer from Germany, known for their excellent games that our users love to play. They have also created the following games: Solitaire Classic, Connect Classic, Candy Bubble, Smarty Bubbles, Bubbles Shooter, Mahjong Classic, Sudoku Classic, Orange Ranch,

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Bubble woods is a beautiful themed bubble shooter. Help the beaver to clear the playing field as fast as you can. The twist in bubble woods is that you have 60 seconds to set the top score.
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