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Bubble Woods

Bubble woods is a beautiful themed bubble shooter. Help the beaver to clear the playing field as fast as you can. The twist in bubble woods is that you have 60 seconds to set the top score. So this is a fast pacing game! You can shoot the balls via the wall to get in to tricky spots. Be sure to make big combinations instead of shooting 3 bubbles. If you remove big clusters you get more points!
Once you get the required amount of points for the level you go to the next level. Each level haves it's own challenges. Some become harder, you get more colored balls or other challenges. You also get stars, with these stars you can unlock extra powers, such as more time, special balls and more.

Bubble woods helpThe game gives you hints on how to play and on how to score more points, very useful if you ask us! Most players shoot 3 bubbles each time, but it is way more efficient to remove big groups of bubbles. You can use boosters to speed up the point scoring progress!


What is you highscore? Post your best score in the comments below!
Bubble woods screenshot
As you can see is bubble woods a game with nice colorful graphics. The playing field is clear and the game is nice to watch. The game mechanics are good and bubble woods is guaranteed fun.

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