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Jewel Shuffle

Match 3

Jewel Shuffle is the bejeweled hit game from the Arkadium game studio. In this match 3 game you are in a fantasy world with jewels. Match 3 jewels or more to remove them and score points. The bar on top will fill when you score points. Score multiple combos after each other to unlock a multiplier bonus for more points. Are you stuck? Just press the magnifying glass and you are given a hint. The game is over when yo are out of matches.


The jewels will be shuffled from time to time. This gives the game a unique twist. When you match the jewels that are highlighted you will be rewarded even extra points. What is your high score? This game is added to our large collection of match 3 games. We only choose the games that meet our high-quality standards in terms of gameplay, graphics and "feel". This way you are only presented the top of the line games. If you like Jewel Shuffle then you may also like Jewel Burst, another jewel themed match 3 game. If you are more in for the adventure type of match 3 games you will really like Dog puzzle story in this match 3 game you will help a dog unfold a really cool adventure in this story-based game.

Jewel Shuffle is a luxurious jewel-based, match-3 game created by Arkadium that's similar to PopCap's popular 2001 Bejeweled. A player is presented with a Arabian desert theme and a dark play field accented with gold borders and filled with 64 different types of jewels, including amethysts, diamonds, emeralds and rubies. The jewels are positioned into rows with eight jewels per row. The player must align matching jewels to make them disappear from the field and earn enough points to complete the level. To earn a bonus and unlock special boosters, the player must align more than three or multiple lines of matching jewels at the same time. A progress bar above the field lights up a sparkling blue as the player increasingly achieves their goal. To the right of the field is a score area with a hint button beneath it. The "shuffle" part of the game's name comes from the shuffling of jewels to realign them into rows, a regular update during gameplay when the field automatically turns the jewels around in place and a reshuffling after the player completes a level.

How to play:

Locate matching jewels in parallel rows. Realign a single jewel within one move with another jewel so that it lines up with two jewels in the same or different rows to create a line of three matching jewels. Align and remove jewels until the blue progress bar fills up completely.Swap the jewels to make combinations of 3 or more. Reach each levels target to advance.


Mouse: After locating a jewel that can align with two nearby matching jewels to form a straight line, swap the jewels by clicking the jewel and then moving the mouse to swipe over the nearby jewel that's already in the line with the other two jewels. Alternative game play option for swapping the jewels: Click the matching jewel that isn't in line with the other two matching jewels and then click the non-matching jewel. If a glowing jewel appears onscreen, align it as quickly as possible to earn additional bonus points. If a match isn't immediately obvious, click the blue button marked with a white magnifying glass below the score area on the left side of the screen to make a pink border box appear around a jewel that's perfect for a match.
Mobile: To swap two jewels in a row, touch the jewel that can complete a match-3 line with the tip of a finger or stylus and then swipe across the non-matching jewel next to it. Alternative game play option: Tap the first jewel and then tap the second one. If a glowing jewel appears onscreen, use either method to reposition it as quickly as possible. For a hint about a new match, tap the blue button that features a white magnifier. Jump to top

Release Date:

April 2020

About the Creator:

Jewel Shuffle is created by Arkadium. Arkadium is a big game developer with only the best games. Their games are known for their great gameplay and polished graphics. They have also created the following games:

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Play Jewel Shuffle, the bejeweled hit game where you have to match 3 or more jewels. Score as many points as you can and become the jewel master in this fantasy-themed match 3 game.
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