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Original bubble shooter

Bubble Shooter

The original version of the bubble shooter game, this was the version on the main page of this website for years. We uploaded it to this game page so you can enjoy this version if you want. It also works with full screen mode. So if you are in for the original bubble shooter. Just bookmark this page.

Please let us know if our main bubble shooter game works or not in the comments, we are trying to figure out if everyone can play the main bubble game.

How to play

Original bubble shooter is easy to play. Just aim with your mouse or thumb where you want the bubble to go. Then click or release your thumb to shoot the bubble. Hit other bubbles and make combinations of 3 or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop.


The goal of the game is to clear all bubbles. Make groups of 3 or more to clear them. You can score more points by removing whole groups of bubbles at one time. A great way of doing this is to "collect" a string of bubbles on the underside of a small group. Once you have enough bubbles underneath it you can remove the top bubbles and the whole row of bubbles will disappear. This gives you a multiplier of points for all bubbles that are connected to the top bubbles.

Don't miss to often

If you miss a bubble (the game counts a miss if you don't remove any bubbles). You will remove one bubble from your miss counter (the grey bubbles in the bottom left corner). Once this counter is empty (after 5 missed bubbles) there will be formed a new row on top. This moves the whole bubble field 1 row down. This can get you in trouble really fast. So keep an eye on the miss counter and make sure you won't go to low. If the bubbles touch the bottom of the screen you are game over.


A great way of finishing the game is to remove the colors one for one. First play the game for a while so that there are only a few rows left. Now begins the difficult part, you can't pop bubbles every turn now. So your miss counter will go fast, bringing your field down. The trick is to remove the bubbles color for color. Try to hunt the color that is the least on the field first. If there are a few red bubbles go for these bubbles. Make sure to make room to pop those bubbles. If you remove a color from the playing field the won't come back. This makes the game more easier the further you come. With this snowball like effect you can finish almost every game.

How to play:

Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to remove them from the field. Remove all bubbles to win.


Mouse: Aim by moving your cursor, shoot the bubble by clicking.
Mobile: Tap and hold to aim, release to shoot the bubble.

Release Date:

January 1998

About the Creator:

Original bubble shooter is created by Bubble Shooter. Bubble shooter is a small game studio that develops bubble shooter games. They have also created the following games: Bubble Shooter,

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This is the original bubble shooter. As it was release in the 90s. You can play it in your browser if you have flash enabled.
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