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Bubble Spinner

Bubble Spinner Play bubble spinner on our site. Bubble spinner is one of the classic bubble spinner shooter games. The playing field is spinning, which gives the game a new dimension.

Each time you shoot a bubble on the playing field it spins, the spinner moves in the direction you shoot the bubble. It spins faster if you hit it at an steep angle.

About bubble spinner

Try to remove all bubbles by making pairs of 3 to make them pop. Use the spinner in your advantage to clear the board.
Bubble spinner truly is one of the bubbleshooter.net's team favorite games. This old time classic game will never cease to entertain you.

Bubble Spinner Screenshot

Bubble spinner
In this bubble spinner screenshot you see the rotating playing field, filled with the colored bubbles that need to be shot to finish the game.


Bubble Spinner Screenshot
In this screenshot you see the main game screen. With the bubble spinner in the middle. The shooter is on top, shoot the bubbles into the spinner and it spins the direction you shoot it. You can bounce the bubbles at the walls and bottom to reach the more difficult places or sto give it some extra spin. This video features the gameplay of this game.

Bubble Spinner Video

Bubble Spinner

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Bubble spinner is an all time classic bubble spinner game. Shoot the bubbles on the spinner and it spins around. Use the momentum and speed to get to the difficult sections of the spinner. Try to remove all bubbles.