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Bubble Spinner Play bubble spinner on our site. Bubble spinner is one of the classic bubble spinner shooter games. The playing field is spinning, which gives the game a new dimension.

Each time you shoot a bubble on the playing field it spins, the spinner moves in the direction you shoot the bubble. It spins faster if you hit it at an steep angle.

About bubble spinner

Try to remove all bubbles by making pairs of 3 to make them pop. Use the spinner in your advantage to clear the board.
Bubble spinner truly is one of the bubbleshooter.net's team favorite games. This old time classic game will never cease to entertain you.

Bubble Spinner Screenshot

Bubble spinner
In this bubble spinner screenshot you see the rotating playing field, filled with the colored bubbles that need to be shot to finish the game.


Bubble Spinner Screenshot
In this screenshot you see the main game screen. With the bubble spinner in the middle. The shooter is on top, shoot the bubbles into the spinner and it spins the direction you shoot it. You can bounce the bubbles at the walls and bottom to reach the more difficult places or sto give it some extra spin. This video features the gameplay of this game.

When a player enjoys this game, our innovative website will automatically generate interactive pictures that show many bubbles, and the system can quickly rotate the bubbles. Once the gamer evaluates the bubbles, the player should attempt to remove all of the bubbles from the screen. The gamer may utilize several tools that could improve performance, reduce the number of bubbles and move the bubbles.

Studying the History of the Game

In July 2014, a well-known company created the online game, and according to multiple reports, more than 80,000 people have played the custom game. During the last seven years, the business has created multiple updates that increased the quality of the game. Once a gamer visits our website, the person can play the game for free. Our website also provides detailed instructions that will help the players to increase their scores. The guidelines describe the features of the game, the goal of the game, the online tools and multiple types of screenshots.

Evaluating the Features of the Game

After the player examines the rotating bubbles, the gamer can utilize tools that could move the bubbles, and typically, the objects may collide with the spinning bubbles. The bubbles can also slam into the walls, or the bubbles could bounce off of the floor. When a bubble hits the wall, the impact may substantially increase the speed of the bubble, and the wall could modify the trajectory of the object. The gamer can create a group that contains at least three interconnected bubbles. Subsequently, the bubbles will automatically pop, and during the game, the objects will not reappear. Many players have indicated that this strategy can significantly improve a gamer's score.

Utilizing Innovative Tools and Increasing the Score

The cutting-edge tools will automatically release new bubbles, and the gamer can control the movements of specific bubbles. The game also features a tool that will indicate the player's score. Moreover, the player may view a detailed dashboard that shows the highest scores, the usernames of the best players and the most recent scores. If a person would like to play a new game, the player can click a button that is located at the top of the screen. This tool could restart the game anytime, but once a gamer utilizes this tool, the player will reset the score.

Reducing Chronic Stress and Enhancing Well-Being

The innovative game can significantly decrease chronic anxiety, and some experts have suggested that similar games could reduce the production of cortisol. While a person plays the game, the central nervous system may also augment the level of dopamine within the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that can substantially increase attentiveness, and the natural compound may improve the player's mood, boost energy and stimulate creativity.

Increasing Coordination and Improving the Gamer's Reflexes

The game can enhance the player's reflexes, improve the gamer's reaction time and stimulate the brain. According to numerous reports, the website features an innovative format that could optimize a player's coordination, and the cutting-edge game may also improve long-term memory.

How to play:

Shoot the bubbles and make combinations of 3 or more to remove them from the spinner. Make use of the physics to rotate the spinner.


Mouse: Aim by moving the mouse and shoot the bubble onto the spinner with a left mouse click.
Mobile: Tap and hold to aim and release to shoiot the bubble.

Release Date:

July 2014

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Bubble spinner is an all time classic bubble spinner game. Shoot the bubbles on the spinner and it spins around. Use the momentum and speed to get to the difficult sections of the spinner. Try to remove all bubbles.
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