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What are these games? On the surface, they are very simple games. You link identical pieces together to clear them. There can be lots of pieces on the game board and you might have to think hard about which pieces to click on next. Usually, you want to get rid of all of the pieces on the board to clear the level.

There are several types of different games like these. The games here are simple so they are not too hard to play, and they're very fun! Here are the games available and what they're about.

Pet Connect

This one has the option to play with three different sets of tiles.
You can play with animals, fruits, or desserts. The Animals set has birds, pandas, koalas, snakes, crabs, cats, rabbits, frogs, monkeys, giraffes, octopi, and more. Fruits has apples, pears, watermelons, strawberries, bananas, pineapples, grapes, cherries, mangoes, and more. The desserts tileset has ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, candies, donuts, pastries, and cookies. No matter which set you choose, you need to click on two of the same tiles that are either next to each other or can be reached a few tiles away as long as it doesn't go through another tile. You get 5 minutes for each level. If you can't find a match, you can use a limited number Search and Shuffle items to help you finish the level.

Mahjong Connect

Mahjong is a very old game from China. In this version, when you clear two identical pieces, the stack will drop down so there will be no empty spaces at the bottom. This makes it more interesting because you might want to have a specific piece at the bottom so that you can match it with another one somewhere else on the edge. The images on the Mahjong pieces are Chinese characters and symbols. In a regular game of Mahjong, different pieces do different things, but here you just need to make sure they match.

Onet World

In Onet World, you start by cleaning up some trash by clicking on it to get coins, and then use those coins to get a random animal. After that, you get to play a spin wheel to get a prize, and then you start the puzzle level. Just like the first game, you match two animals together to clear them from the board and earn points. There is a new item that you can use that will freeze the timer for a little bit if you need some extra time to complete your moves.

Pet Connect 2

This one has some new features; if there are no more possible moves, the board will shuffle automatically to make new moves available. The animals now are also more detailed, showing their whole bodies instead of just their faces. This one also some funny sound effects! The boards for this one can be really big, but you should have enough time to take care of it because you also get hints to help you if you can't find any good matches. I hope you enjoy these fun games!

Play one of our connect games. On this page you will find all our connect games. We add new games each week. Connect games are also called mahjong connect or linker games. The goal is to connect 2 of the same items. These items can be animals, objects and more. Once the 2 same items are clicked or tapped they wil clear. The goal is often to clear the whole field to go to the next level.

The best connect games

We have some of the best connect games on our website. On of the most popular games is Onet connect classic this classic connect games does have more then 100 levels and you can choose out of 25 animals and 5 item packs.
An other favorite is Mahjong connect in this mahjong themed connect game you must connect the mahjong tiles to each other. This makes this a more challenging game to play.