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Welcome to our cooking games, here you will only find the best cooking games that are availible. Make the food the customers want and serve it to them before the time runs out.!

Hazel and Mom�s Recipe

Hello and welcome to our kitchen! My mother and I need your assistance in making delectable Christmas sweets. You may help us create all of my mom's favorite meals for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays in this thrilling, interactive cooking game! Play with us to make amazing cakes, cookies, ice cream, and other yummy delicacies in vibrant colors, gorgeous pictures, and action-packed sequences. We may have hours of fun with 18 different recipes, including exclusive and extra goods! This online game is simple to play; I'll supply all of the materials and point to what you require. Add each ingredient and follow Mom's directions for chopping, mixing, baking, and decorating.

Pizza real-life cooking

Famobi created match 3 pizza real-life cooking. Once you start the game, you are guided through the numerous processes required to cook a pizza in this game. To begin, arrange the toppings on a cutting table and cut them into desired shapes. During this game level, you will be urged by a pointing finger to follow the game's instructions. You will not fail since this section of the game is relatively straightforward. After that, you'll adorn the pizza with your prepared toppings! This stage of the game is also easy, but it allows the player to express themselves a little more freely because you control where the toppings go and how many pieces of each topping you want to use. Once you've established that you've used up all of the toppings on the pizza, you'll go to the next level of the game, where you'll grill it. At this moment, your pizza is entirely done! After all of this, you have the option of downloading a file containing your creative work if you so want. You might use the file to make a screensaver or whatever else you can think of in your unlimited inventiveness.

Princess Soup Kitchen

The game's presenter is a little princess who wants to prepare soup and asks the user to help her. It's hosted on match 3 Bubble Shooter and manufactured by DressUpWho. She is standing at the stove, holding the soup base. Behind and behind her are a plethora of ingredients and flavors. Traditional elements in Princess Soup Kitchen include salt, meat, mushrooms, and rice. The kitchen also has fanciful items such as frog legs, dragon scales, and lizard legs.

The user has complete control over the princess chef's actions. She takes the ingredients, cuts them, adds them into the soup, and seasons it�a quick stir of the soup results in a kaleidoscope of color changes. When the princess tastes the soup, it is the ultimate test of the player's soup. Her spectrum of emotions to the soup includes one of the best reactions and ratings, "loved the soup." The princess chef's adverse reactions include ballooning up, sprouting moles, and sprouting more hair. The goal of Princess Soup Kitchen is to generate as many imaginative cookery dishes as possible. On the other hand, the game invites players to play around with the ingredients to get all twelve replies from the princess chef to the soup recipes. It's mess-free creative cooking.