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Need a simple game that isn't overly complicated and provides plenty of breaks? We have the perfect solution! Our Casual games are made with casual players in mind.

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There are hard-core gamers and casual players. The latter group plays games occasionally, desires uncomplicated rules and controls, needs only slight challenges that make them feel good during play, and seeks comforting or relaxing repetitive actions.

The earliest offline casual video games became available in the 1980s and 1990s with casual arcade and desktop computer games such as Pac-Man, Microsoft's Solitaire Collection and Tetris. These games offered basic graphics, repetition, simple rules and controls. They simulated or improved non-digital games like garden mazes, card table games and block puzzles.

Game Play

Casual games exist in all popular gaming categories, including action, adventure, arcade, card, dress-up/makeover, dungeon crawl, hidden object, logic, mystery, party, puzzle, race/run, renovation, simulation, stickman, strategy, trivia and word. Players frequently perform one or more tasks, such as collecting coins, facing obstacles via racetracks or puzzles, completing missions, and meeting achievement goals.

One of the most noticeable differences between Casual and other games is the artwork. These games often feature attractive, bright colors coupled with flat, two-dimensional, simplified or unrealistic designs. Casual art is most similar to classic cell-style paintings used to create animated films and cartoons. They provide only enough visual details to make the artwork enjoyable and relatable.

Developers and site owners often use Casual games to earn revenues through freemium and premium play, app-store purchases and advertising. As a result, these games typically promote in-game purchase options, unlockable modes limited to specific pay-only apps, video advertisements and offers of playable currency in exchange for ad viewing.

All of the above make these games perfect for casual players who desire consistent play that doesn't require a lot of thought or time. Additionally, players can choose not to buy anything or watch ads. Even if they lose access to parts of a game, they can still have a lot of fun.

Take a break from all life's worries with one of our Casual games!

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