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Relic Runway

Casual Run

Play the original Relic Runway. Run away from teh stone monster and master all obstacles in this free to play running game.

Relic Runway is a thrilling running game with themes similar to those found in popular action-adventure movies like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. It spans across several locations, including South America, China, Japan and Egypt.

The player starts out as a fearless relic hunter named Jim Tomson who's searching for Inca treasure. When he tries to sneak a massive ruby from a site, a guardian statue comes to life and attempts to capture him. Jim must run as fast as possible to stay out of the statue's grasp while also collecting golden coins, gemstones and other treasures.

The player must help Jim survive deadly obstacles that can slow down his run or kill him, including giant stone masks, shooting flames, rolling wheels, rock slides, drop-off cliffs and path chasms. They can bypass these hazards by making Jim perform various physical stunts and use nearby objects, such as ropes, shields and all-terrain vehicles.

To win the game, the player must find the pieces of 39 relics across all locations. With each level, they must also complete tasks and collect and earn boosters, including magnets, luck and coin multipliers. If they're successful, they receive reward statues and options to switch avatars to any one of up to 15 characters. The game tracks the player's score for a leaderboard and allows them to connect with their friends on Facebook as well.

How to play:

Jump, flip, slide, swing and perform other physical feats as Jim, or later as another character, while running down a stone path away from the guardian. Collect and earn coins, diamonds, relic pieces and boosters. Keep the character away from deadly obstacles. Never stop.


Keyboard: To run left, press the A or Left Arrow key. To run right, press the D or Right Arrow key. To jump or swing, press the W or Up Arrow key. To break open crates and slide, press the S or Down Arrow key.
Mouse: A mouse doesn't work entirely with this version of Relic Runway. Use the mouse to click settings buttons.
Mobile: A touch screen or pad doesn't work entirely with this version of the game. To use settings buttons, tap them.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Relic Runway is created by Gemioli. Gemioli creates high quality games for Android and iOs. They recently started converting their games to web so you can play them for free. They have also created the following games:

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Play the original Relic Runway. Run away from teh stone monster and master all obstacles in this free to play running game.
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