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Play the best Run games for free. We have collected the most popular Run games for you to play on our website. They include new and top Run games such as Rail Slide, Om Nom Run, Tall Man Run, Subway Surfers, Windy Slide, . Choose a Run game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Online Run games, also called Dash and Rush games, are Race and Skill games. Historically, foot racers, whether running alone or in competitions against others, have used running to maintain their health and well-being and prove their abilities to members of their communities. Running reveals individuals with certain mental and physical abilities highly valued by societies for leaders, hunters, teachers, warriors and others who serve in important roles key to building strong communities and overall survival.

Modern Run games provide many of the same benefits. Even if the weather outside isn't optimal, an amateur or professional runner can hone related mental skills. With VR gear, these games can provide similar whole-body physical benefits. Run games teach money and time management skills, hand-eye coordination, mathematics and physics. Additionally, they improve stress. The act of completing a virtual race and receiving rewards triggers the release of dopamine and other "feel-good" chemicals. For people dealing with isolation or loneliness, global multiplayer games help alleviate symptoms and create some sense of belonging to a community.

Game Play

Run games primarily involve theme-based foot races by human and non-human characters and floating races by anthropomorphized or inanimate objects on obstacle courses, tracks, paths, roads, sidewalks and streets. Although the environment for a run depends on the theme, many of these games feature a racecourse or track floating on water or suspended in the air. Other common environments include cities, jungles and season-specific landscapes.

The player directs their avatar to run the course and perform tasks. Many Run games share similar features. For example, games with arcade platformer mechanics often feature collectible floating coins, keys and other objects. The player might need to direct their avatar around, over or under traps, including stationary or moving spikes, swinging or rotating blades, pools of acid or lava, and deadly creatures. In city-based runs, they usually direct their avatar away from high falls and dangerous traffic.

Many Run games offer a progression component that ends with a fight or skill achievement. The player directs their avatar through blue or green multiplier gates and positive, theme-based objects that increase its size and abilities. Black or red gates and objects decrease the same. When the player does well, their avatar has a better chance of winning a fight against one or more enemies or completing a complicated task. The track usually ends with a multiplier section that increases the cash or points winnings.

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We have collected many of the most popular classic, new and top Run games found anywhere online. Our collection includes Angry Gran, Arrow Challenge, Bridge Water Rush, Cat Stacker, Danger Dash, Dino Run, Dinosaur Run, Frozen Rush, Gem Stacker, Hand or Money, Haunted Heroes, Healing Rush, Hover Skirt, Human Evolution Rush, Makeover Run, Mecha Run, Mob Control, Money Rush, Om Nom Run, Pencil Rush, Perfect Slices, Rail Slide, Relic Runway, Run Rich 3D, Shower Run 3D, Slice It All, Tall Man Run, Temple Run 2, Tomb Runner and Yeti Sensation. Check out these and many of our other fun Run titles today!


What are the most popular Run Games?

    1. Rail Slide
    2. Om Nom Run
    3. Tall Man Run
    4. Subway Surfers
    5. Windy Slide

Which Run Games can be played for free?

    1. Bridge Water Rush
    2. Temple Run 2
    3. Pimple Pop Rush
    4. Mob Control
    5. Count Speed 3D