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Rail Slide

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When you click on the play button inside of the black box, it immediately takes you to an advertisement. The player will have the ability to skip the ad and go straight to the game. Once you skip the ad or let it play through, you will be taken to the homepage of the rail slide game. On this home page, you will see the picture of a cartoon kid on a rail slide. Underneath the kid is the word play and if you click on the word play, the game will start. Beneath the word play is the game�s name, which you are about to play: rail slide.

After clicking on the play button, You will be taken to the start of the game and you will see a colorful page that tells you you are on level one. You will also see a little man who is the character that will be used to play the game. You will also see another play button underneath the character�s feet. Once you click the play button, the character then starts to complete an obstacle course using the rail slide. The character goes through the obstacle course collecting coins. At the end of the obstacle course, the character catapults off the rail slide onto a landing. Depending on where the character lands on the landing determines the total amount the player has earned on the obstacle course. For example, there are different squares at the end of the course that read twice the amount, three times the amount, four times the amount, and so forth. So if the character lands on two times the amount, however many coins you gathered while completing the obstacle course, you will get two times that amount.

Once you have completed the obstacle course, the character gets celebrated with confetti. There is a next button part underneath the character and if you click on the next button prompt, you will be taken to the next obstacle course, which will be level two. This process will be completed over and over until all the obstacle courses are completed. While playing the game, there are also different advertisements popping up to the right of the game.

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Play Rail Slide, keep your balance and go as far as you can in this great physics game. The goal is to slide over the rail with your pole.
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