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Jungle Bricks

Casual Brick Breaker

Jungle Bricks is the perfect game to do all your entertaining because you can play both by yourself and in a group. Players race against the clock to stack puzzle pieces, but they lose time and must start again if their tower falls. Making towers requires shrewd planning without crossing an outside line, so it's quick thinking skills that win this game. You'll have plenty of fun along the way, just flipping tiles to see what perplexing patterns are underneath, and this will help give you great ideas for later puzzles when you're getting into trouble.
If you feel like playing among strangers, then use Jungle Bricks accessible multiplayer mode online. With up to four human players per session, there are no hard feelings if somebody tops your tower, and if they're gone, you can play against the computer.

How to Play Jungle Bricks

To begin, you will need to select the number of players. Two, three, or four is for you alone or with your friends/family, depending on who is around and ready. You can change this easily while playing by pressing P on your keyboard, so don't worry if only two of you but another person turns up. Then you get to choose the level of difficulty, 1-10 is easy to challenging, so pick it carefully because there's no restarting. Once the game starts, the clock will start ticking, and you'll see your little men scurrying around disassembling whatever patterns look pleasing to them. You have to grab tiles by clicking on them with the mouse, and then place them by dragging them into the tower with your left mouse button. You can rotate tiles by holding down 'Ctrl' before placing them.
Once you have placed a tile, it will either show a pattern or solid color. If it shows a pattern, you must put two or more of the same pieces next to it to break it. If you place a tile with a solid color, all the tiles touching it will get destroyed, and you'll earn some quick points. You can also earn extra points for placing tiles in lines or diagonals; these patterns are shown as white and blue dots, respectively.

How to play:

Hit all blocks the amount of times on top of them. Drop the balls and complete the levels.


Mouse: Click, hold and drag to aim. Release the mouse to drop the ball.
Mobile: Tap and hold to aim, release to drop the ball.

Release Date:

Jun 17, 2020

About the Creator:

Jungle Bricks is created by Freak X Apps. Freak X Apps is a small game studio that creates big games. They have also created the following games: Aqua Blocks, Pixel Cat Mahjong, Popit vs Spinner, Cards Connect, Crazy Balls,

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Play Jungle Bricks, shoot all the bricks with the bubbles. Use powerups and shoot multi balls to help you with your journey to remove all bricks in this free game.
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