Bricks Breaker

Bricks Breaker is the original brick breaker game with multiple balls. This original version does have 30 packs with 100 levels. This gives you a grand total of 3000 brick-breaking levels. The goal is to clear all bricks in the level. Each brick will have a number on top of it. This number is the number of times you have to hit it with your balls. If it says 100 you must hit it a hundred times. Now we hear you think, but a hundred times is very much? You will get a high number of balls in each level. For example level 3 gives you 50 balls to start with but if you hit the multiplier ball this will be multiplied, and if you hit another multiplier this will also be multiplied. So you can shoot hundreds of balls each turn. The trick is to bounce the balls strategically against the bricks and walls. So that you will hit multiple blocks at once. Once you get the hang of this you will fly through the levels.

About the Creator:

Bricks Breaker is created by Playzool. Playzool is an indie game developer. They have also created the following games: Jungle Bubble Shooter Mania, Musical Bubble Shooter,

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Bricks Breaker