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Musical Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

Musical Bubble Shooter is as the name suggest a bubble shooter with music. Unique in this game is the feature that when you shoot the different color bubbles they each make a unique sound. This gives a nice twist to musical bubble shooter. You finish a level by earning the given amount of points.


The game plays a new sound each time the bubbles touch. Can you create a melody? This game is recommended for kids or other family members that want to learn the bubble shooter games.



You can get extra bonus points by shooting multiple bubbles after each other. Make combinations turn after turn to top up your multiplier bonus. Each new combinations increases your bonus multiplier by 1. Giving you lots of points very fast.

Special Bubbles

You have to option to use 3 special bubbles. They give you a lot of extra punch but you only have a few of these bubbles so use them wisely. They are:

The bar in the bottom shows how far away from earning the special bubbles you are. When you use a special bubble the bar will reset.

About the Creator:

Musical Bubble Shooter is created by Playzool. Playzool is an indie game developer. They have also created the following games: Jungle Bubble Shooter Mania,

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Musical Bubble Shooter; the bubble shooter with a music theme. Shoot all bubbles while making music music!
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