Bubble Raiders

Bubble Raiders is an online bubble shooter adventure. You can choose out of 3 chapters, each with more than 30 levels. This Tomb Raider inspired bubble shooter game does have old ancient tomb raider graphics. Help Anna to find the village in chapter 2 and find the secrets on the Island. Choose a level on the map and start playing. Finish each level to go to the next one.


The chapters in Bubble Raiders are:

  • Chapter one: The Sun Temple
  • Chapter Two: No way back
  • Chapter Three: The promise of friendship
  • Chapter Four: coming soon!


You are taken on an adventure with Anna and Eva, Eva is not sure about all the adventure but Eva insists on going through. In chapter 3 Eva is lost and it is Anna's task to find her again.

Bubble Raiders Video

In this video, we show you the first 10 levels of chapter 1. In this chapter, you will get a small tutorial about how the game works, which bubbles you have, which rocks there are and how to shoot for that difficult bubbles.

How to play:

Follow the storyline and complete all levels. Shoot all bubbles in the level and release the artifacts to unlock the next level. Earn up to 3 stars per level to unlock new items.


Mouse: Move the bubble shooter by moving your mouse and release the bubble by clicking.
Mobile: Tap and hold to aim and release to shoot the bubble in bubble raiders.

Release Date:

May 2018

About the Creator:

Bubble Raiders is created by Ziango. Ziango is a game studi from the Netherlands. They create high quality games. They have also created the following games:

Bubble Raiders