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Microsoft Bubble

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Microsoft Bubble is a vibrant bubble blasting arcade game where the goal is to clear all the bubbles of the given color. Challenge your aiming skills to find the way to angle your bubble blasts, rising in the leaderboards as you sail through the levels. The rules and mannerisms of the Microsoft Bubble are explained before you begin level one. Collect coins as you move through the levels, unlocking perks and riches as you travel further up into the scenic road. Careful to conserve your bubbles, as the amount you have swings from level to level! The more bubbles you drop, the more points will fall into your pocket, the more coins you get. As you rank up in your levels and travel further into the game of Microsoft Bubble, you'll explore different areas and picturesque photos of the world throughout Earth's seasons. The mystery of the game won't reveal what color bubbles lay beyond six rows of bubbles unless a row is knocked out, then the next wave drops down until the count of rows is six. When there are no more bubbles being revealed, the round is close to being over and no more will generate. The further you travel into the world the more difficult the levels will be, with obstacles like blocker bubbles. Should you fail to blast all the bubbles away, the goal will not be met and you will not pass the level. Lucky for you, there is always a shot for redemption! Explore the scenic world from home as you travel through levels of Microsoft Bubble!

Microsoft Bubble is a high-quality, bubble-popping game designed by Microsoft Corporation. A player's primary goal is to remove bubbles in rows on a playfield by popping them. Their secondary goal is to earn enough points to receive three gold stars per level and enough coins to buy a ball pack and power-ups that help them clear each field faster.

The player accomplishes this task by connecting a projectile bubble with two or more matching bubbles on the rows using a ring shooter. The game provides a color-matched, laser-style aiming line that helps them direct the bubble at the matching ones with precision. They can also swap the two bubbles in the shooter to use the one that best matches the closest field bubbles. The player eventually receives access to the power-ups, including a tool that extends the laser line, a bomb that blows up non-matching bubbles near it and a fireball that burns through a swath of non-matching bubbles.

Microsoft Bubble rewards the player with extra points when they perform bank shots against the side walls and for every unpoppable blocker bubble they drop to the bottom of the field and projectiles remaining in the shooter after they win. They receive extra coins as well from bubbles that have coins within them. Unlike similar games, there's no timer. They're only penalized if they run out of projectiles or allow the field bubbles to slide below a horizontal line near the shooter.

How to play:

Finish all levels to test your expert skills in Marathon Mode. An endless mode to build your longest streak and Star collection. Look for matches on the field. Align the laser. Take the shot. If necessary, swap projectiles beforehand. Buy and use power-ups.


Mouse: Move the mouse to aim and click to release the bubble.
Mobile: Tap and hold to move the shooter, release to shoot the bubble.

Release Date:

June 2020

About the Creator:

Microsoft Bubble is created by Microsoft. Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world. They have ported a lot of their classic Windows games to the web. They have also created the following games: Microsoft Jewel, Microsoft solitaire, Microsoft Sudoku, Microsoft Jigsaw, Microsoft Mahjong, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Microsoft Word Twister, Microsoft Ultimate Word Games,

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Play Microsoft Bubble, the official bubble shooter game from Microsoft. Pop all bubbles in this amazing bubble game. Microsoft Bubble is free to play without download.
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