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Microsoft Jewel

Match 3

Microsoft Jewel is an addictive game perfect for men, women, children of all ages, and anyone who enjoys online games. Simply drag, slide, or swap jewels around to create rows of at least three matching jewels. Each time you create a matching row the matched jewels disappear, dropping down a new set of jewels and possible matches. You can build longer matching rows to earn even more points by unlocking special jewels like hyper jewels and cross-clearing jewels. Match four or more jewels to create exciting bombs or board-clearing jewels and increase your score quickly. Fill up the color meter on the side of the board to add score multipliers to your game, allowing you to rack up even more points. Watch out for obstacles like the Dark Jewel, which cannot be matched with any other jewels. Instead, you must strategize your game play to create a special bomb, cross-clear, or hyper jewel to destroy the Dark Jewel.

Shiny, sparkly jewels and a fun soundtrack make this game a pleasure for the eyes and ears. Set in a whimsical castle in the sky, Microsoft Jewel creates a fantasy backdrop for a magical world of matching fun. You can easily find yourself immersed in this matching puzzle world for hours, challenging yourself to beat your personal high score record. Microsoft Jewel is a the perfect way to relax and clear your mind. With a new challenge on each and every game board, you will never run out of fun puzzles with this matching puzzle game.

About the Creator:

Microsoft Jewel is created by Microsoft. Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world. They have ported a lot of their classic Windows games to the web. They have also created the following games: Microsoft solitaire, Microsoft Sudoku, Microsoft Mahjong, Microsoft Ultimate Word Games,

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Play Microsoft Jewel for free, the official jewel game from Microsoft. Microsoft Jewel is one of the best match 3 jewel game that you can find. play it now and you will be busy for hours!
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