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Mergest Kingdom

Match 3 Merge

The Mergest Kingdom is a world-building simulation game that uses match-3 and merge mechanics to craft items. The player starts with basic natural materials. As with block-world crafting games, they combine and merge materials to make new items. With each merge, they improve the kingdom's resources, structures and revenues.

The player starts with a small, two-tone green grass checkerboard plot of land. The rest of the kingdom is covered with white fog. The squares act like a classic match-and-merge game grid. The player combines three or more identical materials to craft new items. They're initially introduced to a helpful character, Hog Rider, by combining three horned helmets.

The game also prompts the player to combine wheat plants to grow and harvest wheat and earn money. It eventually provides a booster, the rainbow potion, to help merge items when there are only two identical ones. The game also features a monster elimination task. The kingdom must defeat tree beings (Ents) who have taken over the landscape with deep roots. Ginger Beard, a local woodcutter, helps the player produce wood planks for crafting buildings by cutting down these trees.

As the player expands the plot of land, they trade for or collect keys to open new areas. In these areas, they continue to acquire materials and craft items.

The Mergest Kingdom rewards the player with gold coins, purple jewels and energy after they do well, or as treasures. They use their income to make Ginger Beard more energetic when chopping down Ents, buy more raw materials, and perform other tasks.

Mergest Kingdom is a game that needs the player to build a puzzle by merging and combining pieces. By merging these pieces, I create big buildings, and I also get to grow my realm. In this game, all I need to do is merge several pieces in a land filled with brainstorming quests, collect and harvest resources; I can design my own island to my liking. What makes this game more interesting is that I can build the biggest buildings and take part in cultivating the most fruitful plants by matching and merging various pieces of the puzzle. By doing this, I get to help in rebuilding the Mergest Kingdom and making it top among the most magical kingdoms in the Seventh Realm.
Mergest Kingdom has driven me into believing in fairy tales by playing it. I get to choose the most amazing objects to merge like dragons, gems, trees, and the most interesting of all, anything virtual that I find on my discovery journey. When it comes to making the rules in the Mergest Kingdom, I have an island at my disposal full of merge magic and merge craft which gives me the power to make and build the biggest merges to my satisfaction.
What I need to do to enjoy the game more is to take part in the various quests and challenges provided in the game. Mergest Kingdom has; �Daily Quests� that allow me to collect coins and gems and mine the resources I need to build my magical kingdom. Mergest Kingdom allows me to explore large magic territories filled with enchanting characters, inexplicable creatures, and captivating objects that populate this unending world put in my hands to build.
Here is how I play the game using my personal computer; using the mouse, I choose and move the pieces to the area or position I want them to fit in. An advantage of this game is that I get to play it on my PC and phone. All I need is a smartphone, and for a smartphone, all I need to do is tap on a piece and swipe it to the desired destination. It makes the game much interactive and engaging because I get to focus on the game to build the most magical kingdom. If you have an interest and love merger games as I do, then Mergest Kingdom is the game for you, and it is played on a smartphone or a PC. Jump to top

How to play:

Merge and combine the pieces to create bigger buildings and grow your realm.


Mouse: Click UI elements. To merge three or more identical items, position the cursor above one, press the left button, slide the item toward the two other adjacent items, and release the button.
Mobile: Tap UI elements. To merge items, position the cursor above one, press the touch pad or screen, slide it toward the other two adjacent ones, and stop pressing the surface.

Release Date:

May 2021

About the Creator:

Mergest Kingdom is created by Clever Apps. Clever apps is a small gaming studio that focuses on casual games and match 3 games. They have also created the following games: Kings and Queens Solitaire Tripeaks, Heroes Of Match 3, Sugar Heroes, Candy Riddles, Word Sauce,

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Play Mergest Kingdom, merge the items and build your kingdom. Upgrade your buildings and conquer the world in Mergest Kingdom.
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