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Match 3

There are so many exhilarating puzzle games on hand on the Internet in recent times. Trim FRVR is just one of them. Trim FRVR, in a nutshell, is a matching game that can make people want to scratch their heads. The aim behind the game is to encourage all players to attempt to match groups of blocks that have colors. It's to encourage them to stop their screens from being overwhelmed. Many people like to compare this game to the legendary Tetris. Despite that comparison, it's totally different. Trim FRVR utilizes additional components that are part of the "match three" game division. Players have to match blocks that have sole colors, nothing more and nothing less. They do not have to match block forms that were established previously.

People who take part in this game should never make the mistake of getting lazy about block height. They should zero in on height matters for the full durations of their playing sessions. They should do what they can to stop enabling the blocks to hit the highest parts of their screens. They have to do whatever they can to protect themselves from getting caught. If they get caught for any reason under the sun, it will lead to the end of the game, plain and simple. People need to be attentive to power-ups. These things can lead to serious perks for players. Jump to top

How to play:

Remove all colored blocks by clicking or tapping on them. You trim away all the colors that it touches. New lines spawn from the bottom.


Mouse: Click the colors to trim them.
Mobile: Tap on the colors to trim them.

Release Date:

June 2018

About the Creator:

Trim FRVR is created by FRVR. FRVR is a large game studio located in Malta, they have made some of the best online games. Their games guarantee a long play time. They have also created the following games: Hex FRVR, Bubble Shooter FRVR, Solitaire FRVR, Spider Solitaire FRVR, Gold Digger FRVR, Lines FRVR, Basketball FRVR, Jewels FRVR,

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Play Trim FRVR, the game where you have to remove or "trim" all the blocks. You can play trim frvr for free and without download directly on our website.
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