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In the Merge game category, a player typically uses two or more objects to create a new object. Merging in these games is almost always secondary, or the tool by which the player completes other tasks to win. A player might combine three or more planks cut from a tree to start the construction of a building that ultimately produces something needed to complete another task. They might combine three identical fighters to create a more powerful single fighter, who then must defeat enemies across a battlefield. In all cases, the merge process involves identical or matching objects. To win in levels, open-world, competitive and other modes of play, the player might also need to solve puzzles, go on side quests, use boosters, rely on match-3 maneuvers, perform upgrades or buy items.

Quite literally, the evolution of animals and plants on Earth could be referred to as a merge game in which elements came together to create new ones. Merge games have evolved in a similar fashion from many different types of games. In offline role-playing and tabletop games, for example, players often combine elements or materials to create new ones during side missions or quests. Block world and crafting games also offer this type of gameplay. Other historical elements found in Merge games include construction, community and territory expansion, battle-style fighting, and castle or tower defense. Although many people consider 2048 and Suika primary examples of merge play, these games represent Merge sub-categories. Most Merge games are non-restrictive to one type of play.

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