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The Bubble Shooter network is quickly obtaining new gaming platforms for their growing player base. Among their many different titles, the genre of intrigue span from sporting favorites to classical frameworks. One title of intrigue that continues to move to the front of the discussion list is their solitaire inclusions. This popular card game is a simple past-time for those looking to tickle their classical fancy. Other game inclusions for this space introduce the player to similar titles that keep similar rules to that of this popular card game.

Classical Favorites

The cut-and-dry version of the game is presented within this game portal. Play along with the style and format that keep the game both consistent and progressive. The classic version features 'undo' selections to help revert a placement. The user can also drag-and-drop their hands by double-clicking the mouse or through manual movements. The settings and features remain consistent with some of the earliest versions of the game, marking this as the top, classical version for this portal space.

The daily challenge game is also included within this portal, allowing users to place their time and scores against thousands of other players. Do you have what it takes to shuffle through your hands quickly and claim game completion within quick fashion? Post your scores against the likes of others to see if you can attain the title of solitaire champion.

New Additions

This portal also features some new additions for users to stream. The Klondike and TriPeaks variants are two, newer gaming additions. Much of the same playthrough is met with popular twists and turns. The Klondike variant follows a similar game pattern as the classical version but also introduces additional moves and counter moves. The TriPeak variant creates different formatting for gameplay, which is accompanied by the use of multiple storylines and fun adventures. These twists submit to enhanced playing styles, but each game also features a walk-through to understand where all of the changes and new submissions will occur.

UNO Online

One of the most popular card games that submits user strategy is UNO. The network added this game to their solitaire portal due to the similarities in gaming strategy and playthrough. This online portal transforms the scene into a social event that calls for intensive strategies. Each user competes against players within this network, placing your predictive skills and implied thinking to the test. This is a fun change of pace for this portal, giving the users a chance to explore and interact with others while playing yet another classical card game.

Card game

Solitaire is one of the oldest card games around. It is played solo, hence the name Solitaire. We have several versions of the Solitaire game on our website. From the classic Solitaire version to the newer tri-peaks and 3d versions.

Goal of the game

The goal of Solitaire is to remove all cards from the playing field. You can do this by moving all cards to the foundation piles. You must sort them by suit and by rank or you won't be able to move them. The field cards can only be sorted in descending order and by alternating colors.

Other versions

Other than the standard solitaire we have other game versions like the Tri peaks solitaire games, in tri peaks you also must also clear the table of all cards. You can only remove cards that are lower or higher then the card on the bottom deck.