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Tingly Solitaire


Tingly Solitaire presents a beautifully polished solitaire game that is the perfect fit for any solitaire player, regardless of whether they are casual or hardcore players. With Tingly Solitaire, the player will play the same as with the beloved Microsoft solitaire game, yet with more polished artwork, smoother animations, and a more intuitive interface. With Tingly Solitaire, the player can play both one and three card solitaire games and challenge themselves with three different difficulty levels. There is something for all to enjoy, even the hardest of solitaire players. Developed in HTML5, Tingly Solitaire allows gameplay anytime, anywhere. Enjoy it on a desktop or even on a mobile device, smartphone, or tablet.

The team at Tingly Games is responsible for developing and producing AAA-quality HTML5 casual games. A lot of effort to ensure that the gaming experience is one that everybody will relate to, engage with, and enjoy. All modern devices are compatible with these games, including tablets, smartphones, and PCs. Additionally, they develop apps for different platforms in which their games are available. They do this quite regularly to give their customers branded versions of their games that they can use to promote their loyalty programs and market their business. Ard Bonewald and Mark Overmars, who were veterans in the industry, established Tingly Games BV around 2012.
In the game of solitaire, one player only plays the cards. During this game, there are a total of 24 cards. As with most solitaire games, a set of seven cards is dealt with by the player. The first card is dealt face up in the first round, the leftmost card is dealt face down in the second, and the three following cards are dealt face down in the third round. In the second round, the second pile of cards is dealt face-up, followed by the following five banks being dealt facedown cards. With the third round of dealing, the third pile of cards will be handled face up, and the fourth deck will be dealt facedown.
In this manner, the seven decks are dealt until each has a card facing up on top, and then all seven decks of cards are dealt again. There are three piles: left to right, they are getting a higher number of cards. Separate from the seven cards, we placed the rest of the 24 cards facedown in a different deck from the seven cards we identified earlier. Above the seven decks, there seem to be four imaginary empty spaces. It is through these slots that the piles used for the foundations are formed.
When playing solitaire, it is essential to build foundation piles for each suit to win the game. It would be best to begin to lay the foundation by placing the aces of the seven suits from left to right above the seven decks in four different places/slots. To complete each suit, you should place consecutive cards on top of aces, such as two of hearts over Ace of hearts, two of clubs over Ace of clubs, three of clubs over the Ace of clubs, and so on until you have completed each suit.

How to play:

The goal is to remove all cards from the field. Do this by placing them on one of the 4 piles with the same suit and from 2 to ace.


Mouse: Drag and drop the cards.
Mobile: Tap and hold to drag and drop the cards.

Release Date:


About the Creator:

Tingly Solitaire is created by Coolgames. Coolgames is one of the largest online game studios. They have a rich portfolio with a lot of high clss titles. They have also created the following games: Bubbles 2, Tingly Bubble Shooter, Bubble Academy, Jewel Academy, Emoji Bubble, Bubble Charms, Bubble Charms 2, Merge Jewels,

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Play Tingly Solitaire for free, click here to play Tingly Solitaire. Complete all levels in this addicting solitaire game.
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