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Solitaire Daily Challenge


In Solitaire daily challenge you get a new challenge every day. Every day has a different purpose. A goal can be winning the game or winning the game in as few cards as possible. This varies per day. Are you done with the daily challenge and do you want more? You can also go back to previous days that have already been. That way you can keep playing almost infinitely. Your progress will be saved automatically so if you return tomorrow, your score will remain intact. In solitaire daily challenge you can win a monthly trophy. You do this by scoring as many points as possible per day. Score as many trophies as possible and become the solitary master.

You can play the Klondike version of the solitaire card game right from your phone or tablet with Daily Solitaire. In order to win the game, players must sort all of the cards into four stacks. You must begin each pile with an ace and build it in ascending order, from aces to kings, in order to win. If the valuation of the highest card is precisely one lower and the colour scheme is distinct from the card it's being moved on, a card or group of cards can be relocated to one of seven columns. It's never been easier to play Daily Solitaire for free! This game can be played whenever and wherever you like. To increase your chances of earning monthly rewards, check back frequently and aim to finish all of the daily challenges.

Soliatire challenges you to place all cards in sequential order from aces through Kings, but only cards of the same suit can be used. A winning strategy in this game is to place all cards face-up in the correct sequence. Every day, a new solitaire game is released, so you can play whenever you want!

Classic solitaire has a long and illustrious history, dating all the way back to the mid-18th century.

Early in the nineteenth century, when Napoleon Bonaparte was imprisoned on the island of St. Helena, it is said that he began playing the game.

Computers made solitaire popular again in the 1980s. Solitaire games became even more convenient when players no longer had to shuffle and deal with cards.

- There are over a hundred different kinds of solitaire games, each with their own unique set of rules and features.

About the Creator:

Solitaire Daily Challenge is created by Softgames. Softgames is a large game studio from Germany, they operate from Berlin, Germany and Toronto, Canada. They have also created the following games: Bubble Shooter Pro, Bubble Shooter HD, Bubble Shooter Candy, Garden Tales, Bubble Shooter World Cup, Solitaire Story TriPeaks, Jewels Blitz 4, Bubble Shooter Arcade,

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Play Solitaire Daily Challenge, the online solitaire game where you get a new challenge every day. Score as many points to earn the monthly trophy.
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