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Play the best clicker and idle games. We have selected the best clicker games for you to play for free on our website. Clicker Games, also commonly referred to as clicking, tap, incremental and idle games, involve repetitive actions designed to provide some sort of benefit to the person who performs them or sets them into motion. The actions usually involve actual manual clicking combined with an idle component, such as auto-clicking of an object or auto-rolling of dice, or an idle component that takes over after a short manual period.

These games commonly appeal to people who like to perform repetitive tasks or have addictive personalities. Many people consider them a safe way to deal with addiction because they provide an illusion that the player has won something great and big without any cost or real-world gamble. Since these games often continue running when a player isn't available, they're not commonly considered a waste of time. They're also well-liked by people with high energy who don't feel like performing other offline tasks. They even appeal to incredibly curious people who just want to see how high the rewards in a game can go.

Although many experts credit Clicker Games with starting in the early aughts with a 2002 EverQuest parody known as Progress Quest, there are historic precedents that offer similar benefits. Many people enjoy performing repetitive actions, such as clicking the button on top of a retractable pen, smacking gum or tapping an object or foot. These actions help them focus or relax when bored or nervous or struggling with pent-up energy.

A journey, mission or quest component also exists in these games. Early tabletop and video game designers understood that repetitive tasks with big rewards appeal to players because they offer both mental or emotional comfort and the role-playing aspect of fantasy stories in which players can place themselves into the lives of heroes on quests. As a result, repetitive tasks that offered coins, upgrades and other rewards in early role-playing and other tabletop and video games could be considered the mini-game or side-quest predecessors to all Clicker Games. They merely weren't standalone games.


A player must usually earn as much of something as possible in an incremental fashion in a Clicker Game, such as coins, points, energy or some other in-game element that matches the theme of the game. They must typically help an item or character evolve into something greater or more powerful, such as new character skins or upgraded items that look and feel bigger or more important. For example, some clicker games focus on world building because a player feels like they accomplished a great task by the end of the game.

In the majority of Clicker Games, the player starts by clicking an object or objects on the screen using manual actions. That said, some games start out with auto-clicking and only require the player to perform manual actions when upgrading objects. Clicker Games do more than track clicks. Some games feature gauges that fill up with every click so that the player can eventually receive a bonus for clicking so many times.

Clicker Games also feature achievements, sometimes known as talents or upgrades, that change the player's status in a reward-style fashion, such as with a new title related directly to clicking or the game's overall theme. Many games feature achievements that supply the player with useful tools, such as auto-clickers, increased clicking power or an increased number of earnings per click. Newer Clicker Games feature aspects of other games, such as turn-based acquisition of cards that supply useful tools, multiplayer competition and real-time updates to the main-theme object.

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