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Bubbles 2

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Play the game bubbles 2, bubbles 2 is the 2nd edition of the popular bubbles games. It is a colorful bubbles game in a new version. With more game options, new prizes and a high score function. Our users are spending hours playing this version of the bubbles 2 game.

Bubbles 2 bubblesThe bubbles of Bubbles 2 are bright and beautiful. A bubble can house a power up. There are several in the game: Star powerup - removes all bubbles with a star. Bomb powerup - blasts away a large radius of bubbles. Half bubbles - these bubbles are 2 colored and can be hit with both colors. We do our best to add more games like this one. Do you like this game? Please leave a comment on the bottom of this page. Do you know any games like bubbles 2? Please contact us or post the game in the comments area and we will add it to our website.

Bubbles 2 Screenshot

Bubbles 2 gameplay screenshot in-game.

Bubbles 2 Video Guide

In this video we complete the game, you will see us remove all bubbles.

Bubbles 2 is a bubble shooter that features one of the most basic overall designs for this category of games. It is a singleplayer rather than multiplayer game. At the start of the gameplay, the top of the screen displays nine horizontal rows of more than 150 bubbles in a mix of different colors inside of a field. The bottom of the play area features a shooting tool with a sightline targeting arrow and a colored bubble at its base. The shooter allows the player to shoot a projectile bubble at the bubbles in the bottom row. The player begins at novice level. Their primary task is to clear the field of all bubbles by shooting each new projectile bubble at three or more bubbles of the same color in the rows. The player must use physics and thoughtful targeting skills to accurately fire a projectile bubble at the row bubbles.

As the player progresses, the game automatically adds new rows of bubbles to the field if the player misses five times or less, as indicated by the number of silver bubbles remaining to the left of the shooter during gameplay. If the player fails to clear the rows quickly enough, the game ends after the rows spread down the screen so much that they block the shooter or a single row bubble touches the bottom edge of the field. Whether the player loses or wins, their score and bonus score, if applicable, pop up on the screen. The player receives an opportunity to start over and try again or advance to the next level.

How to play:

Move the targeting arrow so that the tip points at a bubble of the same color as the projectile bubble in the shooter. Fire the projectile bubble at bubbles of the same color to form and pop a row of three or more matching bubbles. To win, pop every bubble. Pop the bubbles in this classic bubbles game. Make combinations of 3 or more, you can miss 5 times before a new rows spawns. Win by popping all bubbles.


Mouse: Move around the mouse on the desktop to reposition the onscreen cursor and targeting arrow until the arrow tip is pointing in the direction of one or more bubbles of a color that matches the projectile bubble. Click on the field once to shoot the projectile bubble. In sections of the rows that contain only one matching bubble, shoot to attach a projectile bubble to the row bubble to form a linked pair and then shoot again the next time a matching projectile bubble appears to pop three bubbles of the same color. To clear a large section of linked bubbles or rows adjacent to or below matching ones, shoot at a bubble connected to more than three bubbles of a matching color at any time. To restart the game at with a different mix of colored bubbles in all of the rows, click the huge green Restart bubble located to the right of the field. To turn the sound off/on, click the blue Sound bubble.
Mobile: Place the tip of a finger or stylus against the touch screen and move it across the screen to reposition the targeting arrow in the correct direction so that it lines up the projectile bubble with a bubble of a matching color on the bottom row in the field. To shoot the projectile bubble to clear three or more bubbles, connect bubbles or clear a large swatch of the field by popping a chain of bubbles, tap the screen once on the field to shoot the projectile bubble at the color-matched row bubble. To restart the game or turn the sound off/on, tap the green Restart bubble or blue Sound bubble, respectively.

Release Date:

June 2016

About the Creator:

Bubbles 2 is created by Coolgames. Coolgames is one of the largest online game studios. They have a rich portfolio with a lot of high clss titles. They have also created the following games: Tingly Bubble Shooter,

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Play the game bubbles 2, bubbles 2 is the 2nd edition of the popular bubbles games. It is a colorful bubbles game in a new version.
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