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Challenge your Mind with a Game of Hex FRVR. Hex FRVR is a delightful video game that puzzle-lovers will enjoy. It was created by indie video game developer Chris Benjaminsen and launched in the year 2015. The game can be played on web browsers and Facebook. There is also a mobile version of the game.


The game consists of an empty hexagon-shaped board. Players are required to place pieces on the board strategically and fill in lines of tiles. Players are required to choose one of three pieces and add the piece to the board at a time. Tiles are linked from one edge of the board to the other. Once players finish linking the tiles, all tiles in the completed line will be removed. To get extra points, players should finish several lines at once and create a combo. The game ends when the player is unable to place any more tiles.


The game is challenging and absorbing. It is easy to understand and a fast game to play. It can be easily downloaded and played on a PC, Kindle or Chromebook. One does not have to pay 100 percent attention and you can play at your pace and time.


The game can be very addictive. While the pieces can be easily controlled using a mouse while playing on a computer or Facebook. Sensitive devices like kindle do not offer the same type of control.


The rating of the game on Amazon is 3.4 out of 5.

Hex FRVR is popular among players who enjoy puzzles and brain teasers. The goal of the developer is to make users enjoy the experience of playing the game. While you can learn the game easily, becoming a master is very difficult and that is the reason why it has become one of the most addictive and absorbing video games on the internet.


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Play Hex FRVR. Place all hex pieces on the board and fill in all the lines.