Tetra Blocks

Play Tetra Blocks, the tetra blocks game. Tetra Blocks is a fun online game that's simple to play. The graphics are both simple and eye-catching and I immediately liked the game as soon as I started playing. You are presented with different shaped pieces that fall from the top of the screen and you can turn them different directions and move them side to side. The goal is to make the pieces fit together to make lines, which removes the blocks. I like the colors in the game and that it's challenging but not frustrating. My kids are always curious about a game when I'm playing one and this is a game I would say yes to if they asked to download it.

How to play:

Stack the blocks on the field, make lines to remove the blocks and be sure to place all blocks.


Arrow keys to move and rotate blocks, Spacebar to drop blocks or use tap controls.

Release Date:

June 2021

About the Creator:

Tetra Blocks is created by RavalMatic. Ravalmatic is a game studio that has been creating digital games using HTML5 technology and the Phaser framework since 2014. They have also created the following games: Merge The Gems, Merge Cakes, Endless Siege,

Tetra Blocks Walkthrough

Tetra Blocks