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10 Blocks

10 Blocks is a classic Tetris style game with the same retro feel of colored blocks arranged in fun shapes. The goal of the game is to move and organize the block pieces given on the side into horizontal rows on a 10x10 grid. When a row has been filled from side to side then it will disappear and open up space to place more block pieces down. The player must watch out because if you are not placing the block pieces strategically then it is easy to make mistakes and lose the game. The player will lose when there are no more spaces to place the block pieces on the 10x10 grid. The only rules are that the block pieces cannot overlap, they cannot be rotated, and once they are placed down they cannot be moved again. The game is extremely mentally stimulating and requires strategic thought and patience to win. Try and see if you have what it takes to beat 10 Blocks!
10 Blocks

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Play 10 Blocks, the classic blocks game. Place all colored blocks on the field and make lines to score points. Be sure to place all blocks or you are game over soon.