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2020 Plus

2020 Plus is the newest game in the 2020 series. the goal is to place all the pieces on the field. You can make rows just like in Tetris, do you have a horizontal or vertical row? Then it disappears and you get bonus points. Place all blocks carefully because if you can no longer make combinations you are finished.


The blocks in 202 plus are colored and have various shapes, such as a square block of 1 tile, a square block of 4 tiles. A straight block "the line" of 4 tiles vertically and you have a block in L shape.


When you make a horizontal or vertical line you get bonus points, you earn stars. With these stars you can purchase power ups. These power ups help you earn even more points. You can buy a power up that gives you 50% extra points for the next 3 moves. It is wise to use these power ups smartly. Do you know that you will be playing away many lines in the following turns? Then put it in.

2020 Plus

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Play 2020 Plus, the newest 2020 game where you have to place all the blocks and make lines to score points.