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Block Puzzle


I am never one to turn down a challenge, no matter how big or how small. My go-to game is definitely Block Puzzle! Taking all forms of shapes and sizes and fitting them together is not only satisfying, but it also keeps the brain sharp and helps you in real life: like with packing! The further you go in the game, the more challenging the levels are but it's something that everyone can take pride in and have fun with! I play by myself after a long day at work but I also to love to play it with my daughter! We use Block Puzzle as a wonderful bonding tool. You can literally play Block Puzzle anytime, anywhere. It is the perfect game to kill time at the doctor's office, waiting in line at the grocery store, and even waiting for the laundry to get done! Block Puzzle is very easy to learn. All you need to do is drag the block onto the board and once you've filled the whole row (horizontally or vertically) it will disappear and you can start again! When faced with a higher number of blocks, it is definitely a test of your wits. There is nothing more rewarding, though, when you clear the whole board of blocks! But even when you can not beat a level, it is not disappointing. Block Puzzle will let you re-start the level and keep trying! It truly is a fun, yet slightly addicting, game meant for everyone! I one hundred percent recommend downloading it on your smartphone, computer, tablet, etc, and playing Block Puzzle all the time. Block Puzzle is hands down the only game I keep on my phone and play consistently! I will probably play Block Puzzle till I die. Worth a download, worth a try!

About the Creator:

Block Puzzle is created by Crazygames. Crazygames is a large game publisher that hosts some of the most popular games. They have also created the following games: Bust A Move, Idle Pinball Breakout, AdventNEON, I dont even know, Tan Tangram,

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Play Block Puzzle, the mix between tetris and a sudoku styled game. Place all blocks on the field and make lines. You are game over when you can't place any new blocks.
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