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Wood Blocks

Wood blocks is an online, easy, and clever puzzle block game developed and published by CoolGames.
This is a puzzle strategy game that is easy to learn and fun to master its gameplay. In this game, a player is supposed to fit wooden pieces on a puzzle board. Immediately a player taps on the arrow to start the game, some wooden blocks of different shapes come out. At this point, a player is supposed to drag and drop the pieces one at a time onto the 10x10 puzzle grid to clear horizontal rows. Once you fill the horizontal or vertical row, it will disappear, creating space for new incoming pieces. The more rows a player clears, the more the scores increase. The game will be over once a player has been left with no space for any given blocks below the board.
The purpose of this game is to build a complete row and ensure the blocks disappear. This raises the player's score; a player has to plan his or her moves cautiously to avoid being stuck.
A player can play this game anywhere and anytime. Persons that need fun and brain workout are sorted out. I would recommend them to play this game, as it offers all these fun things.
Wood Blocks

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Play wood blocks, place all wooden blocks on the field and make lines to make them disappear. Place all wood blocks to go to the next level.