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Hexa Fever 2

Hexa Fever 2 is a puzzle game that is both challenging and absorbing. It is designed to sharpen the problem-solving skills of the player. You can start at the ‘fairly easy‘ level and progress to higher levels till you reach the ‘extremely hard’ level. Each level poses different challenges and also offers a different level of fun.

Hexa Fever 2 is a strategy-based puzzle game. It consists of hexagonal blocks. Players need to form figures using the hexagonal blocks and place them on the field. The goal is to fill the entire field with hexagonal blocks. Players can take their time and solve the puzzle. There is no time limit to complete the level. The complexity of the game increases at each level. The number of cells increases when the player reaches a higher level and the configuration of the figures becomes harder at each level. If players complete the level quickly, they get a higher reward. Rewards include doubling points, bonus points, and gifts. Hexa Fever 2 is a free game that you can play on your mobile or PC. The game is available in eleven languages.

Hexa Fever 2 is a game that helps you learn strategy-formulating. You also increase your skills in using logic while solving the puzzle. The game is not only designed to help you learn but also to give you hours of constructive fun.
Hexa Fever 2

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Play Hexa Fever 2, the second version of the popular hexa game. Place all the shapes on the field and make lines to remove them. Be sure to leave enough room because you are game over when you can't place a new item.