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Need a shooting simulator or first-person shooter replacement for outdoor airsoft, laser tag or paintball? Need a fantasy fighting or war reenactment game that can help fill the void during a live-action roleplay disruption? Want to walk down memory lane with classic arcade fun?

Look no further than our Action Games!

A Bit of History

Modern sedentary lifestyles, overpacked schedules and high stress, among other things, make it difficult for many people to experience action-oriented fun. Action games simulate real-world action and events or mimic the action found in dreams and fantasies. People often turn to them for mental and physical stimulation.

The earliest arcade hall games in the 70s, 80s and 90s offered competitive, fighting, shooting and strategy action. People regularly tested their ability to keep a character alive, defend a location, overcome obstacles, prove individual fighting ability, shoot up enemies or objects, and survive attacks. They played classic games like Asteroids, Frogger, Kung-Fu Master, Pac-Man and Space Invaders.

Modern online Action games continue this tradition by offering a wide variety of action experiences

Game Play

Common environments in Action games include arenas, battlefields, bases, city streets, countrysides and outer space. Abstract, fantasy, historical and urban environments are popular. Common themes include hand-to-hand combat, melee fighting, shooting, exploration, tower defense and world-building.

The player usually participates via an onscreen avatar or vehicle. They might act individually or with an army or team. They might also play from a first-person perspective that only displays hands holding a gun or other weapon onscreen.

The focus is always on the player's responses. The player needs excellent hand-eye coordination, precision and timing to cope with changing events. They often need to learn quickly or make strategic decisions rapidly to win.

Enjoy an adrenaline rush with our Action Games!

We offer the best old and new free fighting, showering, tower defense and other Action Games found anywhere online. Enjoy Age of War, Air Wars 3, Amazing Strange Rope Police, Animation Epic Monster Battle, the Bloon Tower Defense series, Cartoon Strike, Castle Defense, Clash of Vikings, Craft Trap Challenge, Crazy Shooters, Cube Commander, Cursed Treasure Tower Defense (1 & 2), Destroy Base, End of War, Endless Siege, Endless Waves Survival, Gods of Defense, Gold Tower Defense, Heroic Quest, Karate Fighters Real Battles, King Rugni Tower Defense, Kingdom Tower Defense, Kings Rush, Merge Army, Merge Defense, Miami Crime Simulator 3D, Minecraft Tower Defense, Ninja Hands, Plants VS Zombies, Polar Battle, Ragdoll Fight, Scary Brawl, Shape Crusher, Shape Shooter, Space Flight, Silly Walker, Slime Rush Tower Defense (1 & 2), Straw Hat Samurai (1 & 2), Stick Duel Battle, Stick Hero Might Tower Wars, Super Numbers Defense, Superfighters, Thumb Fighter, Time Shooter 2, Tower Tier Zero, World Battle of the Future, Yorg IO.... and many more!!!