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Bubble Shooter network continues to apply new gaming options for their users through enhanced portals of play. Populating the game portal with click games, match games, and other such drag-and-drop options marks for simple game approaches that involve some element of skill and strategy. One of the most strategic games within this network is mahjong tiles. This game has been around for decades and has taken on many different themes of play. This classic game depicts different forms of imagery upon the tiles and requires some selection savvy to complete levels and past through different puzzles. Below are some of the objectives of the game and some of the featured content within this Bubble Shooter portal.

Game Objectives

The objective of mahjong is to clear tiles and work your way down the stack. Selections are made to match one tile with its exact counterpart. Most tiles are built into a pyramid which is uncovered once correct selections are made. Working from the top of the pyramid or from the higher stacks first is a great way to uncover new moves and options. The playthrough continues as you make pairs. The main objective is to clear the stacks without handcuffing yourself in the process. The handcuff comes when the pairs become blocked by other tiles, forfeiting any chance you have at a full clearing of your playing board.

The design of the tiles can take many different themes and genres, applying to increase the different platforms that this game can outreach to. Pyramid builds also take on many different formats, which calls for a different, strategic approach that is dependent on the size of the stacks included within the game board.

Game Selections

There are 7 different selections for mahjong included within this Bubble Shooter portal. Each game is tiered with slight differences that appeal to all aspects of playing styles. One of the most popular option remains the classical approach. The classical approach delivers a game board that is tiered within pyramid stacks, ranging from 1 tile up to 7 tiles within a stack. The larger the stacks, the more creative the user must become when selecting their matches.

Connect versions of play induce the idea of applying an approach that services the idea of closeness. Pairing close, like tiles with one another will work your approach from the inside, out. Most connect versions will have a few different paths to succession, which helps you clear the levels without getting stuck within the makeup of the stacks.

The story variants work to add bonus tiles or multiplier tiles that work to level-off your tiles and help you pace through the game. These variants are created to offer a sense of intrigue to the classical style by introducing new options and new tile powers. The main difference between these options and the classical formats is that these games allow users to get out of a rut without having to to restart the game. Each of the 7 options within this portal allows for an 'undo' button, changing your moves for up to 3 steps. This feature helps the user from getting stuck within their selected game board and can produce new paths of success for game completion.

Free to play

Play Mahjong games for free. Mahjong is probably one of the oldest games. We have the classic Mahjong games but also the Mahjong link games where you must connect2 Mahjong tiles of the same kind.
Mahjong is a board game with its roots in China, in China almost every adult plays the game. Mahjong is played less in the Western world. But it is an all-time hit on our website, our visitors love our Mahjong games. Mahjong can be played with cards or tiles. The traditional way is with the tiles.