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Gameboss Mahjong


Released in January 2019, Gameboss Mahjong started intriguing a variety of players. This is the perfect game for anyone that enjoys matching games with a twist. In Gameboss Mahjong you are given one playing field filled with tiles with no other options or help. The rules are pretty simple, match tiles and advance.

This game can be played on both desktop and mobile devices. When playing Mahjong you have to match tiles with their correct pairs. To match on desktop devices players will click with their mouse and to match on mobile devices players must tap the screen. As each tile gets matched it is then removed. Some tiles are considered blocked by other tiles. These blocked tiles can be selected once the surrounding tiles have been selected and removed. In the bottom right hand side of the screen players have an option to restart the game and the right hand option has an option to mute the games sounds.

Gameboss Mahjong is a classic game that can be played by anyone. This game is not only fun but it is also a great brain exercise, as it tests brains functionality with memory. Whether at home or waiting at a doctor's office Gameboss Mahojong is a fun way to pass the time.

How to play:

In Gameboss Mahjong you are featured 1 playing field with no options or help. Just play the game mahjong and match all tiles.


Mouse: Click the matching tiles.
Mobile: tap the matching mahjong giles.

Release Date:

January 2019

About the Creator:

Gameboss Mahjong is created by Gameboss. GameBoss.com is a casual video game company that primarily develops HTML5 games. They founded in 2016 and released some great titles. They have also created the following games: Bubble Shooter Classic, Mahjong Real, Double Solitaire, Solitaire klondike, Freecell Classic, Klondike Solitaire Big, Freecell Big, Spider Solitaire Easy,

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Play Gameboss Mahjong, match all mahjong tiles in this relaxing mahjong game from gameboss. This version plays very easy and is pleasing for the eye.
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