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Mahjong Link

Mahjong Link is without the shadow of a doubt my new favorite way to play Mahjong! The music is so enchanting and charming, and right away I was treated to this beautiful string arrangement. The animations are smooth and enjoyable, as cherry blossom petals fall on the menu screen and the title of the game sheens the light off of it's seemingly metallic surface.
Mahjong Link is simply that, the classic Chinese game of Mahjong. The levels are all timed, so be sure to play hard and play fast if you want to win and complete all twelve levels! You can pause at any time, and even turn the sound and music off whenever you'd like to!
Mahjong Link has really captured my heart and proven to be one of the more glamorous and engaging interpretations of the tile game. I would highly and thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to become a better Mahjong player, or simply wants to enjoy their free time all from the comforts of their web browser.
Mahjong Link

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Play Mahjong Link for free! In Mahjong Link you must link all the mahjong tiles to clear the field. When you have linked all mahjong tiles you go to the next level. Complete all levels in challenging mahjong link game.