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Mahjong Connect Deluxe


Players will select identical matching mahjong tiles that are exposed to remove the tiles. Exposed tiles are considered to be on the outside borders of the layout. Tiles can also be removed when they are adjacent to each other diagonally or vertically. When tiles are removed in some levels, each column will be lowered to then expose the bottom layer of tiles. Other levels might maintain the layout when tiles are removed. The object of the game is to remove all of the tiles in the playing field.

Players can only remove one pair of tiles at a time. There are tiles with various themes and numbers. The theme and number of each tile must match as it appears exactly with other tiles. Some of the tile themes include flowers, bamboos, circles, characters and seasons. Some of the themes are numbered from 1 to 9.

Mahjong Connect Deluxe features 12 challenging levels. The game ends when there are no remaining matches or when times runs out. Use the freeze button at the bottom to stop the clock and extend the gameplay. Use the light bulb icon to show an available match. Spin the daily wheel to win bonus rewards that can be used in the game. Players are also rewarded with coins when completing levels. These coins can be used to purchase various tile themes and playing field backgrounds.

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Enjoy this version of the classic mahjong solitaire tile matching game: Mahjong Connect Deluxe. If you love strategy and puzzle games, this game is for you!
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