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Patterns Link

Patterns Link is another refreshing take on an old classic tile matching game. This one is easily my favorite of the genre, however! The main menu has this adorable little girl hugging one of the matching tiles in the game. You can change the language from English to nineteen different language options including Russian, Chinese, and even German!
There is some lovely sound and music in this game as well, and you can opt to turn that on or off with the click of a mouse on a button. I do like the music, however, the little trumpets and synth chords are just lovely in my opinion.
Patterns Link has really captured that fun and loving spirit that is missing from other matching tile games. I would very much recommend this to anyone tired of their old and drab matching game, and are looking for something cute and colorful to pass their time with. I certainly know that I have!
Patterns Link

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