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Patterns Link


Patterns Link is another refreshing take on an old classic tile matching game. This one is easily my favorite of the genre, however! The main menu has this adorable little girl hugging one of the matching tiles in the game. You can change the language from English to nineteen different language options including Russian, Chinese, and even German!
There is some lovely sound and music in this game as well, and you can opt to turn that on or off with the click of a mouse on a button. I do like the music, however, the little trumpets and synth chords are just lovely in my opinion.
Patterns Link has really captured that fun and loving spirit that is missing from other matching tile games. I would very much recommend this to anyone tired of their old and drab matching game, and are looking for something cute and colorful to pass their time with. I certainly know that I have!

Patterns Link is a connect-style, tile-matching game available in a wide range of languages, including US English, UK English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Russian. A player's primary objective is to clear the play field of a single layer of 60 mixed, glossy tiles displayed in a horizontal rectangular shape. The tiles feature a variety of patterns, including samples of a blue brick wall, red and yellow tiled wall, lizard skin, marble, tiger fur, terracotta roof shingles and woven basket wicker. To win a level, the player must connect tiles and clear the play field before a timer runs out. The game allows the player to connect tiles positioned side by side, along outer left, right, top and bottom borders and across cleared areas. When the player clears a level, the game displays their score, time bonus, max combo and the number of hints used. The game increases difficulty periodically during play by changing the positions of remaining tiles.

How to play:

Locate tiles that display matching patterns in any of the best spots for making a connection. Pair them to make them disappear from the play field. Repeat the process to clear the entire field. To win the game, clear all 10 levels.


Mouse: To pair two tiles that feature matching patterns, click the first one, wait for a reddish brown highlight to appear around the tile, and then click the second one. If a connection exists, a light blue line connecting the tiles appears before they disappear. If the line doesn't appear, then they're not positioned properly to connect. To display a hint at any time as reddish brown highlighting around two matching tiles, click the button marked with a blue magnifying glass. To restart a level, click the button marked with a back arrow.
Mobile: To connect matching tiles, tap the first tile with the tip of a finger or stylus, and then tap the second tile. To display hints or restart a level, tap the magnifying-glass or back-arrow button, respectively.

Release Date:

August 2021

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