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Mahjong Titans


Mahjong Titans is a wonderful mahjong game created by the Agame game studios. With Agame behind the creation of mahjong titans, it is guaranteed to be a great game. Match two of the same stones to play them off the field. Remove all stones to finish the level. The mahjong tiles are beautiful and the levels are amazing.
This game is an American version of the famous tile game from China, although it has become increasing popular in Japan. It is fun, simple and easy to play. And this game is completely free. All I have been doing is finding the matching tile. As long as the top and one long side are fully, and completely free. If the top is free but one whole long side is not, then the tile cannot move. It is a mixture of strategy and matching. If I happen to choose the tile in the wrong order, I will not beat the game. But be careful, it is a very addictive game. Once I started playing, I could not stop. I just match the tiles until I either win or lose. This version is the fun version, there are no time constraints, so there is no need to rush. Just sit back, or lay down, and enjoy the simplicity of this amazing game. It is a great way to destress from the busyness of our daily lives. Just be careful, this game has sucked me in and I lost myself to it for a few hours, and did not even know it. But it was a few hours to myself that the worries of the world had melted away and I could be calm.

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