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Mahjong Candy


Play one of the 1000 levels in Mahjong Candy. This game by the Arkadium game studio that is released in 2020 will keep you busy for hours. Match 2 of the same tiles. The tiles are coated with all kinds of candy. In the top right you will see your available matches. Match 2 of the same strawberries, candies, chocolates, or other sweets.
Mahjong Candy is an online game that has at least a thousand levels. This game is by the company Arkadium. It was released in the year 2020.
The game itself is fairly simple. You just have to match two of the same kinds of candy. There are big tiles arranged in rows, and the only thing you have to do is match the different types of candy together by clicking on one, and then clicking on the other. These types of candies include gummy bears, jelly beans, covered cherries, candy lime slices, chocolate candies, hard candies, and many others.
You just need to pay careful attention to what kind of candies you have in general. It has to be the same kind of candy and the same color. You can't just match a gummy bear with another gummy bear if they are of different colors and flavors. Instead, you're going to need to match two of the exact kind of candy in every way.
Once you do that, both candies will disappear, and you will earn points, such as 200 points for a particular match. This could vary based on the kind of match you get. You can then match your high score against others.

Also, you will have a limited amount of time to get through the game board. This is usually about 5 minutes. The game will also sometimes provide hints, highlighting two matches for you. If it does this, you will have to select both of these matches to score it, gain the points, and then move on. Otherwise, you can highlight whatever candy you want, and match it to whatever other candy you want that connects to it properly.
You can keep track of your points in the top right corner. There are also multipliers around the board that will allow you to sometimes make double the points. If you are stuck, you can click on the �Shuffle� button to reshuffle the gameboard to make it easier for you to find matches.
It's worth noting, however, that if you do this, you will lose 20 seconds on the game board, so it's probably better just to play the board that you're dealt if at all possible. You may find that if you look around enough, the matches will pop up and you'll be able to get them. If you need to take a breather for a few seconds, that can help too.

How to play:

Match 2 of the same mahjong tiles with candies on them in this classic mahjong game.


Mouse: Click on the matching tiles.
Mobile: Tap on the matching tiles.

Release Date:

December 2019

About the Creator:

Mahjong Candy is created by Arkadium. Arkadium is a big game developer with only the best games. Their games are known for their great gameplay and polished graphics. They have also created the following games: Arkadium Bubble Shooter, Jewel Shuffle, Lumeno,

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Play Mahjong Candy, the candy-themed mahjong game. match the candies and play all levels in this great game.
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