Fruit Mahjong

The honing of mental skill is a task that harnesses the beauty of seamless thought and fun. Fruit Mahjong is an online game that synthesizes these two elements, while also providing a progression of complexity in a thoroughly entertaining way. For at once, both the mind and the senses are engaged while we seek out the paths that connect like fruits with their counterparts in 3 straight lines or less. We are cheered on for each successful connection and rewarding with a celebrative sound and colorful effect, while also not being penalized with an arrogant sound for a move that is not possible at the time of the attempt. As the levels progress, the board begins to alter its course of action; thus, promoting us as players to rise to the fun challenge of conquering. Fruit Mahjong does not simply come across as a distracting time waster, but instead an aesthetically designed method of increasing mental prowess while having a great time.

How to play:

Connect 2 of the same fruit tiles. Use no more then 3 straight lines.


Mouse: Click the matching fruit tiles.
Mobile: Tap the matching fruit tiles.

Release Date:

July 2021

About the Creator:

Fruit Mahjong is created by Potato Jam. Potato Jam is an indie game developer from Belarus. Known for their amazing mahjong connect games. They have also created the following games:

Fruit Mahjong