Candy Bubble

Candy BubbleTry the new Candy Bubble shooter game, with endless levels. You can earn 3 stars per level, each level will be different to pass. In the easy levels you only have to clear all the bubbles but in the harder levels you must free the "key" bubbles, get 3 stars or win in the time limit. You score point popping bubbles, getting stars, finishing levels and with "spare" bubbles. If you win a round with 3 stars or a high score, the remaining bubbles will fall on the lollipops. If a bubble hits a lollipop you will earn extra points.

Sweet game

Candy Bubble Game
Candy Bubble is one sweet game. With the sweet candy styles graphics and soundtrack. The princess shoots the ball with her little white dog as helper. The sweetness is blowing off your screen! You are given a fixed amount of bubbles each round. You must clear all balls within these bubbles to finish the level. You can score stars which you will need to unlock new levels.


Candy Bubble Levels
The game does have many levels in different worlds. in the level map you can scroll to next levels or play older levels. You can get more stars in already finished levels to continue in later stages.

Match 3 Bubbles

Match 3 bubbles to make them pop. If you drop big candy clusters you receive bonus points and advance forward. How far can you come? Candy Bubble Shooter saves your progress. So you can continue your game when you come back later. This is what makes candy bubbles one of bubbleshooter.net favorite games.

Aim with the mouse and shoot the bubble with the left mouse button.

Gameplay video

This video shows you the gameplay of Candy Bubble, you can also see the map layout with the variety of levels the game haves to offer.

About the Creator:

Candy Bubble is created by Famobi. Famobi is a large game developer from Germany, known for their excellent games that our users love to play. They have also created the following games: Bubbles Shooter, Smarty Bubbles,

Candy Bubble