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Bubble Hit

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Hit is a simple yet addicting game. The player's goal is to score as high as possible, aiming a colored bubble into an upward cluster of other colored bubbles in such a way that it connects to at least 3 other bubbles of the same color. If it looks like a direct shot would be impossible to hit a cluster, players can bounce their bubbles off of the sides of the screen. Annoyingly, players will have to manually figure out the rebound angle as Bubble Hit does not indicate the rebound's direction as other similar titles do.

All you need to do to play Bubble Hit is to move your cursor where you want the shot to go, accounting for any necessary banking of your shot and click your mouse. You can see the next color to load into your cannon as well as a counter displaying a number between 5 and 0. The counter denotes how many shots you have to make before the stack of bubbles comes down a row with fresh bubbles on the way. Every successful join of three or more like-colored bubbles you score delays the count down and you have all the time in the world to line up a suitable shot.

Playing this game until the screen was completely cleared yielded a score of 24,860, with an equivalent amount of bonus score. Some other observations made about Bubble Hit is that you will never seen bubble of a certain color once they are completely removed from the screen. You can also score extra points by destroying "supporting" bubbles; if you have a shot that will take out a group of bubbles directly beneath that support, those bubbles will pop along with the ones you were aiming to burst regardless of how many colors they may account for.

Overall, this is a pretty decent time-killing title if you like to get sucked into a match-three experience. The only possible critiques to be made would be a faster firing speed, tallying points as bubbles burst instead of giving the total and then animating the breakdown and perhaps a shift in sound effects that scales pitch to the number of bubbles a player bursts. If the game's minimal sound annoys some players, there is an option to mute the game. Repeat players can even examine the game's statistics page to track their win:loss ratio. Bubble Hit

Play Bubble Hit for free! Bubble hit is one of the most played bubble games on bubbleshooter.net. It is a true hit.

This game that is around for a while now is always in the top charts of most played bubble games. It features an old school game play with nice and clean graphics. The colors are nice to the eye.

How to play

Bubble Hit colorful bubblesShoot three or more of the green, blue, purple, red, pink or orange bubbles to make them pop. Do this to all bubbles to clear out the playing field. Every time you don't make a combination the counter on the left will go one lower. When it is zero there will be added an other line on top. In bubble hit the goal is to clear the field by popping all bubbles. You score 10 points for each bubble hit you pop. You will get a massive bonus for popping more bubbles at once. For an instance, if you pop 7 bubbles you are rewarded with 500 points. If you would have popped them 3 by 3 you only get 60 points.

The game keeps track of your statistics. You can see how many wins you have, how many loses you have and what your winning percentage is. You can also reset this data.
If you press the how to play button you will see an on-screen help menu with the rules and goal of the game.
In the options menu you can change the background color and the sound volume.

About the game

Pop bubbles by shooting bubble and joining at least 3 bubbles of the same colors to make them disappear. This is a plain and classic looking bubble shooter game and an all time hit.

Bubble Hit Screenshot

Bubble Hit screenshot
Screenshot of Bubble Hit Screenshot, you see the playing field and bubbles. A gameplay video guide of the game bubble hit, watch it to see how to play. We play the game from start to a point where you can see how the game must go forwards. We suggest you play the game yourself.

About the Creator:

Bubble Hit is created by Kizi. Kizi is a large game publisher/developer, they create fun games every week. They have also created the following games:

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Play Bubble Hit, the hit bubble shooter game. Bubble hit is truly a hit on our website, with a ranking in the top played games for years.
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