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Block Champ


Block Champ is an online game that is made up of a grid and a variety of differently shaped blocks. At any time, there are three different shapes made up of blocks on the hight hand side of the screen. Moving the pieces with your mouse, you can place them onto the grid on the screen, building bigger shapes. In order to gain points, you have to fill the individual columns and rows on the grid with the block pieces. When a column or row is complete, the blocks in those spaces disappear and you receive points for them. Then, you can fill those spaces again in order to continually clear rows and columns.

On some of the block shapes, there are special spaces, such as ice blocks and lightning bolts. When these blocks are in a completed row or column, points are increased for the move or power-ups are used. For example, when two lightning bolts are placed in the same row or column, the spaces are "electrocuted" and the row disappears without it needing to be filled. When an ice block is used and the row is completed, points are doubled. The only way the round ends is if there is nowhere to fit the blocks you are given, as there is no more open space for those shapes, In that case, the round is over and and you can start again to beat your score.

Play Block Champ on bubbleshooter.net for hours of brainteasing fun.

How to play:

Place all blocks in this 10x10 game, make horizontal or vertical lines.


Place the blocks by dragging them onto the field.

Release Date:

April 2020

About the Creator:

Block Champ is created by Arkadium. Arkadium is a big game developer with only the best games. Their games are known for their great gameplay and polished graphics. They have also created the following games: Arkadium Bubble Shooter, Jewel Shuffle, Mahjong Dimensions, Mahjong Candy, Mahjongg Candy Cane, Lumeno,

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Play Block Champ, place all blocks strategically on the field. Make combinations and place all blocks. Block Champ is one of our selected picks.
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