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While exploring bubble shooter games I stumbled across a great new game called Mergetin! my first thought was that this game would be wonderful for educating children on matching numbers, however I quite enjoyed it myself.

The goal during this game is to merge numbers by making a new line of 3 or more of the same numbers and colors. Once numbers are matched they disappear in a very satisfying way! The game of Mergetin is reminiscent of Tetris but instead of matching shapes and lines, you match numbers and colors together.

Numbers hover above your game board and when a combo is made they drop below to give you more working pieces. Combos also give you more points, which makes this game not only one of marching, but of strategy. The unique part about the game of Mergetin is that you can swap tiles in any position, not just those right next to each other!

As my score went up, the addictive nature of Mergetin took hold. I absolutely loved seeing my score rise with each move that I made. The game gets harder as you progress, more and more number options becoming available.

There are many potential educational uses for the game of Mergetin, including use in schools and homeschooling to teach colors, numbers, and strategy to children. Not only could it be used for educational purposes, but it is quite fun all by itself. It is well-known that children learn best when they are having fun and the game of Mergetin provides this for children.

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Play Mergetin and mike lines of 3 or more numbers. Swap the numbers and remove all lines in Mergetin. A game that will keep you playing.
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