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Hexa Fever

In my own opinion, Hexa Fever is a game that is great for adults! The game is a hexagon shaped platform. At the start of the game there is an empty hexagon shaped platform. The game generated 3 different shaped pieces at a time for me to strategically place on the board. After I placed the first 3 pieces the game generated 3 more pieces. It continues like that until the end of the game. The goal of the game is to use the pieces to fill an entire line of the hexagon board up with pieces and once I did so, the line cleared from the board making more room for other pieces. For the lines to clear the rows have to be completely filled up either horizontally or vertically. Be careful and choose carefully when placing the pieces though, because if I placed too many pieces on the board without being able to clear any rows, I would run out of space for leftover pieces and at that point the game is over and it's time to start over and try again!
Hexa Fever

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Play Hexa Fever, the hit game where you have to place all blocks in the Hexa grid. Make horizontal or vertical lines and place all blocks in this free to play puzzle game.