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Tentrix is a fun drag and drop block puzzle game in which the player is given a set of randomized shaped blocks that have to be placed in a ten-by-ten grid. To earn points, the player must place the blocks in the grid and make a complete line of ten which can be either horizontal or vertical. Points are awarded to the player for each block they can place and for each full line of ten they make. When a complete line of ten is formed, it disappears, and the player has more room to put blocks and make more lines. The challenge comes from the shaped blocks that can be made of one to nine squares. The squares can be shaped into larger squares, L-shapes, or straight lines. Each type of block is a different neon color. If there is no room in the grid for a block to be placed in the grid, the game ends, and the player must start over. After the game restarts, the previous high score is displayed on the screen. The player has to try to beat their own highest score each time they run out of moves. The game requires strategy and puzzle solving skills to reach the highest scores. The simplicity of the brain-teasing game and its design makes the player want to keep playing to reach better scores. The game features neon blocks and a neon background. The sound effects include noises for a block being placed in the grid, for a line disappearing, and for a game over.

About the Creator:

Tentrix is created by Gamepix. Gamepix is a game developer from Italy, they create casual games for the web. They have also created the following games: Bubble Hero 3D, Bubble Game, Go Chicken Go, Gemcrafter, Cut the Rope Magic, Calming Lia,
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Play Tentrix, the Tetris like game where you must place all blocks on the field. The goal in Tentrix is to make lines to score points. Be sure to place all blocks you are game over if you cna't make any new moves.
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