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Word games are simple games using words. Sometimes you have to guess a word, sometimes you have to look for a word, and sometimes you have to unscramble words. Words are fun to play with because we all use words to talk to each other, and you've already read a bunch of words in this paragraph already!

Here are some fun word games to play:

Word Sauce

In Word Sauce, you play as Chloe, who is visiting her grandpa. You have to tidy up the place first. The word game starts and there are some letters filled in already, and you have other letters to connect to make whole words to fill up the board. Once you fill all the words, you will get coins that you can use to buy outfits for Chloe and other goodies. You can use hints to get a free letter if you can't figure out a word.

Word Jungle

Word Jungle has you connect letters together to form words. This game has very relaxing music which makes finding the words very fun and simple. You earn coins by making the right words, and you can use those coins to either get a letter on the board, or you can use them to show how many words each letter uses. So if there are three words, and you use the letter clue and it shows a 2 on the letter A, then you know only two words use the letter A.

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

This has 3 games in 1. Wordament has word puzzles that you can earn stars on on each level. There is a grid of letters and you connect them to make words.
Word Twister gives you letters kind of like Scrabble, and you use them to make words, again letting you get stars on the levels to continue.
Crosswords is just like normal crossword games, very simple and very fun. You have hints of what the word is, and you put it on the board, but you have to make sure that the letters fit with the other words around it. So when they cross, they have to make the right words. That's why it's called Crosswords!

Word Meister

Word Meister is similar to Scrabble, where you have an assortment of letters that you place on a board to make words, going against a computer opponent. There are bonus tiles that get you more points if you put letters on them.

Word Search

Word Search is your standard word search game, which lets you pick a category and it will give you a selection of words to find on the board. They can go up, down, side to side, and diagonally.

Circus Words

Circus Words is like Word Sauce, but this time you are playing in a circus! The stars you get from the levels in this game will let you open up new areas and have access to new levels to play. There are also hints you can get with the coins you earn if you have trouble figuring out some of the words. Every now and then, there are hard levels which have more words to find, and a special word that will give you extra coins if you can figure it out.