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Microsoft Wordament


Wordament is a word game that you can play on your mobile phone or computer. The objective of the game is to make as many words as possible from a random 300-word list before time runs out. There are two versions of the game: one for phones and one for computers.

In the phone version of Wordament, you are given a 7x7 word board. You are given a random list of 17 to 20 two-letter words. By sliding your finger around the board, you can make words along the edges and corners of the board. For each word you make, your score increases by 10 points. When time runs out, you are given up to 40 bonus points for any unused letters on the board. However, any words you have made are removed.

The computer version of Wordament is very similar to the phone version. You are given a 7x7 board but are given 15 two-letter words instead of 17 to 20. As in the phone version, sliding your finger around the board will make words, but you have more freedom to create words and don't have to use all of the edges and corners. Also, you can make big words on the left side of the board and still have room for smaller words on the right side.

The objective of Wordament is to make as many words as possible within the time limit. The game ends at 15 minutes when one piece of trivia is revealed at random from a set of 12 different trivia questions (which are used for each game).

Wordament is great because it's fun, easy to play, and requires fast thinking (based on the 300-word list). The time limit can make or break your game, so it's a good idea to keep track of how much time goes by. If you get stuck on a word and don't know what to do next, try sliding around some letters in the word to see if that will help. Wordament is also notorious for being difficult. In fact, if you search "wordament hard" on Google, you will see many websites all saying that the game is very hard. If you struggle with spelling, Wordament could become a nightmare. For example, a lot of words are often made up of common letters in other words or very short words, which can be annoying. Wordament is a very popular game because of its simplicity and fun factor. It's very addicting and can be played anywhere. If you have yet to play Wordament, you're definitely missing out on an amazing gaming experience.

Wordament is a simple, fun word game that anyone can enjoy. It is addicting and can be played anywhere. If you have yet to play Wordament, you're definitely missing out on an amazing playing experience. Jump to top

About the Creator:

Microsoft Wordament is created by Microsoft. Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world. They have ported a lot of their classic Windows games to the web. They have also created the following games: Microsoft Jewel, Microsoft solitaire, Microsoft Sudoku, Microsoft Bubble, Microsoft Jigsaw, Microsoft Mahjong, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Microsoft Word Twister,

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Play Microsoft Wordament. This free to play word game will keep you busy for hours. Find all words in Microsoft Wordament.
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