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4 Images 1 Word

Playing a game can be a great use of your extra time. A lot of games can be mindless and never ending. While playing the game known as 4 Images 1 Word, I can use my smarts to have fun. At the beginning I made sure I read the complete game synopses to understand the point system and any penalties I'm going to be given. I can play with a group around the computer so we can work together. We are given four image that have one thing in common and I click the letters to spell the word. If I get the wrong word, my points go down. It starts out easy and as the levels increase I have to think a bit harder. If I loose all my points, the game is over. You can play alone or together, but let's go play the fun and addicting game of 4 Images 1 Word.
4 Images 1 Word

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Play 4 Images 1 Word, you are given 4 images and you must guess the word that is asked. Drag the letters in the box to make the word.